West Oklahoma District Tournament

2024 — OK/US

West Oklahoma District Qualifier

for the 2024 National Tournament
Congressional Debate
Edmond Santa Fe
Edmond, OK
Fri 4/5 Fri 4/5 HSE SEN
Main District Tournament (IE and Debate)
Rose State College
Midwest City, OK
Big Questions
Classen SAS High
Sat 4/6 Sat 4/6 BQ


  • The Congressional Debate qualifying competition will be held Friday, April 5 at Edmond Santa Fe.Info from Kasey Harrison, Clerk of Congress:
    • The legislative docket was sent out.
    • Rounds will begin around 3:30 pm. A specific schedule is coming soon.
    • Every competitormust give at least one speech to count as an entry.
    • If the competitor was also entered in the West OK Main Tournament, coacheswill need to submit a Single Entry Letter of Intent form (on the NSDA forms tab on your registration) and update the single entry intent on Tabroom.
    • If the school did not compete at the West OK Main Tournament, a School Consent Form will need to be submitted and West OK Dues must be paid.
    • If your team wishes to partake in a pizza order each student just needs to bring $5. That will cover as many pizzas, water, plates, and napkins as we can afford with whatever amount of money is donated.
    • We ALWAYS need judges for this event. If you can come up with high school graduates who are around the area (generally graduates who are attending OU, OCU, OCC, UCO, RSC, OCCC, OSUOKC, etc, etc, etc.) they can earn $25 per session judged. We often pay college students $50 to be here for 6 hours and we feed them dinner.


  • The Big Questions qualifying competition will be held Saturday, April 6 at Classen SAS.
    • Resolved: Belief in the supernatural is incompatible with belief in science.
    • Rounds will begin around 8:00 am. A specific schedule is coming soon.
    • We need judges and will pay college-age judges $12.50 per round with a minimum of $25.


  • Let us know this week if you are interested in having students on the West OK World Schools debate team. If we have more than 10 students interested, we will hold a competition for the spots, which will most likely be online. We have had interest from Lawton-MacArthur and Norman North.Be sure you would be able to cover these requirements if interested:
    • We can have one or two teams with up to 5 members.
    • Entry fees per student are the same as any other event.
    • Each team must have a World Schools judge who may not be entered in any other pool.
    • There must be a West OK World Schools coach.



Main district tournament entries and judges are due on Tabroom by February 22 at 8:00 PM.

UPDATE: On Friday and Saturday, debate rounds will be on the main campus and IE will be in the LEAD Center. Competitors should stay in these areas unless they are entered in both debate and IE.

If you don't have all judges, please keep working on it. Email us their names, tabroom.com emails, cell #'s, and availability.

Entry titles and authors can be added after registration if needed. You can just put TBA.

    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29/DEBATE AND EXTEMP ONLY IN THE RSC LEAD CENTER 6536 SE 15th St, Midwest City. Space will be tight, and we cannot access the main campus at all, so teams should only bring debaters/extempers on Thursday. It is important that competitors are not on the main campus on Thursday. Park at the LEAD Center.
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 1/ALL EVENTS. Teams will have designated areas in the LEAD Center, and it is important that competitors are not on the main campus unless competing in a round. Park at the LEAD Center.
    • SATURDAY, MARCH 2/ALL EVENTS. Finals for any remaining events will occur. Awards will be held in the meeting rooms in the Student Union.
    • The schedule is posted on the right side of the screen. This will be subject to change.
  • REGISTRATION 7:15-7:45 AM THURS (and FRI for non-debate schools)
    • When you click on the tournament from your Tabroom account page, there is a tab labeled "NSDA Forms". This is where you will find the School Consent and Single Entry Letter forms.
    • Coaches must submit the School Consent Form.
    • The Single Entry Letter of Intent form must be submitted for any student entered in more than one event. The Single Entry Letter of Intent must also be entered on tabroom.com.
    • All NSDA financial obligations must be cleared or have a check to turn in.
    • Must have a check for chapter dues made out to West OK District NSDA or have mailed a check. For further info, please click the tab to the right of the screen.
  • MANDATORY MEETING 8:00 AM THURS (and FRI for non-debate schools)
    • All coaches, competitors, and judges must attend the 8:00 am opening meeting on their first tournament attendance day Thursday OR Friday in the LEAD Center cafetorium where we will give information about tournament procedures. If there are any competitors or judges who miss the meeting, coaches must make sure they get the information.
    • IE events have three preliminary rounds with one judge. After the preliminary rounds are concluded, the entries are ordered by rank total to determine breaks. A minimum of the top 25% advance to a semifinal elimination round with three judges. If there are fewer than eight entries, there will be no elimination round. A minimum of the top 25%, with no fewer than four, advance from semifinals to a finals round with three judges. Qualifiers are determined by the cumulative scores of finalists.
    • Debate events have four preliminary rounds with one judge in each round. Rounds one and two are randomly paired. Rounds three and four are true power-matched rounds. All winning records (3-1 or 4-0) will advance to a single elimination bracket with three judges in each round. There will be as many elimination rounds as needed to get to the final three competitors. Last year NSDA did not schedule a final round, only a runoff for the third spot. This will likely be the case again this year.
    • Breaks will be posted in the cafetorium and on tabroom.com.
    • Primary results (win/loss or rank) will be released to coach and competitor after the conclusion of each round. All ranks will be published after preliminary rounds for the purpose of auditing. The coach representative is responsible for reviewing results in a timely manner and alerting the District Committee to any potential errors before the start of the next round.
    • Debate evidence, extemp evidence, and IE scripts must be available upon request in case of protests or questions but will not be housed in the tab room.
    • Protests must be filed by the coach representative in writing within one hour of the end of the round and will be adjudicated by the West OK Committee. No protests regarding tabulation will be permitted after the awards assembly.
  • DEBATE topics March PF topic and March/April LD topic will be used.
  • PF will use a coin toss in the presence of the judge to determine sides and team speaking order.
  • EXTEMP draw will be in the LEAD Center Gym. For important procedures and topic areas, click the tab on the right side of the screen.
  • Ballots will be online on tabroom.com. Please be sure your judges know to bring a laptop and charger, have a tabroom account linked to your school and remember their login, understand how to access and submit ballots on tabroom, and understand NSDA rules and events.
  • Food availability will be different from what we are used to at OU. For this reason, we will have a lunch break each day. The student union is a 10-minute walk and has very limited hours. We cannot linger in the student union due to another event happening there. There are restaurants within a 10-15 minute walk or 5-minute drive. Teams could also plan to bring food or have something delivered.
  • Judge availability will be different from what we are used to at OU. Please help us get extra judges by contacting alumni, college groups, community groups, etc. Hired judge payments are $12.50 per round with a $25 minimum-for being available all day if given no rounds. This payment is also available to the college judges that count for your judge requirement.
  • Please see the High School Unified Manual for specific rules and regulations for the tournament and each event. There are some differences between OSSAA rules and NSDA rules. https://www.speechanddebate.org/wp-content/uploads/High-School-Unified-Manual-2023-10-19.pdf
  • If you have any issues regarding Belonging and Inclusion, no matter the severity, visit our Belonging and Inclusion Advocate, Sara Nichols in the tab room. For more information, please click the tab on the right side of the screen.