Bingham PF Policy Invitational

2024 — NSDA Campus, UT/US

Welcome to the 2024 Bingham High Policy & Public Forum Invitational!

We hope you consider our tournament for your Spring ToC bid schedule!

This tournament will be 100% online using NSDA Campus & Tabroom Feb 16, 17, and 18, 2024.

This tournament will feature only Public Forum and Policy debate divisions featuring a silver bid in quarterfinals and gold bid in semi-finals of Public Forum with a finals bid in Policy.

All times will be in MST and rounds will be held on NSDA Campus (with Zoom as our backup option in case any issues arise)

We are offering an entry fee waiver to all Urban Debate League teams.

Public Forum Important Information

PF will debate the Feb NSDA Topic.
It is our intention to single flight all rounds of Public Forum.
This means that it is critically important that you have your judging covered.
We will not be offering hired judging this year.

Public Forum Schedule

Friday Feb 16

Round 1 4:00pm MST (3pm PST/5pm CST/6pm EST)

Round 2 5:15 pm (4:15pm PST/6:15pm CST/7:15pm EST)

Dinner Break 6-6:30pm (5-5:30pm PST/7-7:30pm CST/8-8:30pm EST)

Round 3 7:00 pm (6:00pm PST/8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST)

Saturday Feb 17

Round 4 9:00 am (8am PST/10am CST/11am EST)

Round 5 10:30 am (9:30am PST/11:30am CST/12:30pm EST)

Round 6 12:30 pm (11:30am PST/1:30pm CST/2:30pm EST)

Elim #1 2:30 pm (1:30pm PST/3:30pm CST/4:30pm EST)

Elim #2 4:00 pm (3:00pm PST/5:00pm CST/6:00pm EST)

Elim #3 5:30 pm- (4:30pm PST/6:30pm CST/7:30pm EST)

Elim#4 7:00 pm – ONLY If Necessary

Policy Debate Important Information

Pairings will come out 30 minutes prior to the round start time.
It is our intention to create a diverse judging and competition pool.
We will be seeking to hire judges with a wide range of literature bases and argumentative backgrounds.

Policy Debate Schedule

Friday Feb 17

Round 1 4:00 pm MST (3pm PST/5pm CST/6pm EST)

Round 2 6:30 pm (5:30pm PST/7:30pm CST/8:30pm EST)

Saturday Feb 18

Round 3 9:00 am (8am PST/10am CST/11am EST)

Round 4 11:30 am (10:30am PST/12:30pm CST/1:30pm EST)

Round 5 2:30 pm (1:30pm PST/3:30pm CST/4:30pm EST)

Elim #1 5:00pm (4pm PST/6pm CST/7pm EST)

Sunday Feb 19

Elim #2 10:00 am (9am PST/11am CST/12pm EST)

Elim #3 12:30pm (11:30am PST/1:30pm CST/2:30pm EST)

Elim #4 3:00pm – If Necessary

We look forward to hosting you, thank you!

Victoria Riggan - Tournament Director
Mike Shackelford - Tournament Director