Diamondback Classic

2024 — Pocatello, ID/US

Welcome to the 2nd annual Diamondback Classic! We look forward to hosting you on January 19-20 at Century High School. We want to extend a huge thank you to ICCU and the Century Round-Up for sponsoring this event!

Events & Divisions

We will be offering novice, JV, & open divisions of LD and PF debate. Policy debate will offer both novice and open divisions. We will offer all the IHSAA speech events and Spanish Impromptu. Any event with less than 15 entries is subject to being dropped at the host's discretion. Students will be able to double enter in two speech events excluding those who double enter in two draw events, or panel and a draw event. Fees information can be found under individual event registration. All deadlines, drop fees, and nuisance fees will be enforced after the deadline.

Spanish Impromptu

We are excited to offer the only Spanish speaking event in the state of Idaho! This event will operate using the exact same format of Impromptu Speaking, but will be conducted entirely in Spanish. Even if you do not have any students competing in this event, please email me if any of your judges speak Spanish.

Congress Docket

Schools may submit up to 3 bills. Legislation is due on January 12th. The docket will then be randomly arranged for preliminary rounds. Super Congress will use the NSDA January & December dockets.

Students will set the docket in preliminary rounds. The docket order is set and may NOT be changed in supers.

Judge Requirements

Each school must provide one judge for every two policy teams or portion thereof, one judge for every four Lincoln-Douglas debaters, and Public Forum teams or portion thereof and one judge for every five speech entries or portion thereof, and one judge for every six congress entries or portion thereof.

No Show Policy

Do not enter judges unless you can confirm they will be at the tournament. No Show Judges will be fined $25 per round. Judge fees will be enforced.

Panel Topics

1. Should candidates for public office be subject to age limits?
2. How should students respond to the intersection of AI and education?
3. How should communities respond to the rise of short-form content
FINALS. What can society learn from the rise of parasocial relationships?