Skyline Grizzly Growl

2023 — Idaho Falls, ID/US

Skyline Grizzly Growl 2023

Hello! Welcome to the 2023 Skyline High School's Grizzly Growl. This year we will be offering.

HI, DI, DUO, POI, OO, INFORM, PANEL, RADIO, RETOLD, SALES, ADS, CA, EXTEMP, IMPROMPTU, and Spontaneous Argument as well as Open and Novice divisions of Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Policy. We will also have a Congressional Debate. Congressional debate will use the NSDA October Docket and student legislation. Student legislation should be submitted by November 6th. Super Finals will Consist of the November NSDA Docket

Panel Topics are:

Round 1: What can America’s Youth do to protect against pressures from social media?

Round 2: Should the United States end Daylight Savings Time?

Round 3: Should school districts be allowed to ban books from their libraries?

Finals: What can America’s Youth do to create positive change within their communities?

Spontaneous Argumentation (SPAR)

Students will draw three "spontaneous argument topics". One student will select which of the three topics to debate and the other will select the side. The side that is listed first, speaks first. Students are to be given 1 minute of prep time to prepare their side upon the selection of their topic The format is as follows

1st Affirmative Constructive: 1 minute

1st Negative Constructive: 1 minute

Crossfire (both students ask and answer questions): 1 minute

1st Aff Rebuttal: 1 minute

1st Neg Rebuttal: 1 minute

Aff Final speech: 30 seconds

Neg final speech: 30 seconds

1 minute prep time per speaker

*Please note that, as the host school, I reserve the right to combine or drop events if there is a low number of entries. Schools will be notified a week prior to the tournament of any drops or event changes.

The schedule will be as follows :


This is a tentative schedule. Changes are possible.


3:00-3:30 Registration in Media Center

3:30 - 3:50 Judges Meeting in Tab Room

3:35- 3:50 Opening Assembly

4:00 Rd 1 Speech

5:30 Rd 2 Speech

7:00 Rd 3 Speech

8:30 Speech Finals - Observers Welcome


7:30 Check In

8:00 Rd 1 Debate

10:00 Rd 2 Debate

12:00 Rd 3 Debate

2:00 Rd 4 Debate

4:30 Gold/Silver

6:00 Awards

Congress Schedule (Saturday)

8:00-11:00 Session 1

11:30- 2:30 Session 2

3:00 - 5:30 Super Congress