Charger Challenge 2024

2024 — Draper, UT/US

Corner Canyon High School

12943 S. 700 E. Draper UT 84020

December 13-14th, 2024

Greetings, all Speech & Debate Programs throughout Utah, and surrounding States you are all cordially invited to attend Charger Challenge at Corner Canyon High.

Each team/program will be able to register through following the link which will have all posted entry fees based on the number of students attending from that particular school for in person with asynchronous opportunities.

For students that get eliminated we will have a movie in our auditorium and games in our commons area while waiting for final rounds to be decided.

We are staggering lunch times to avoid delays with food. We’ll have affordable concessions on site for sale so students can eat between rounds. We will be using the January topics for LD and PF.


Speech: 1-5 Place.

Debate: 1-5th Place.

Congress: 1-5th Place.

Async events: 1-5th Place.

Sweeps: 1-2nd Place Large Schools (4A-6A),1-2nd Place Small Schools (1A-3A).

Schedule and events being offered:

Debate Events:

Lincoln Douglas

Public Forum



Big Question

In Person Speech Events:

Combined Interpretation


National Extemp

International Extemp




Asynchronous Events:

Story Telling



Lip Sync

Async Combined Interp

Async Informative

Async Oratory


Students are allowed to double enter for in person events (except Policy, Congress, Extemp are limited to in person single entry) and we will make every effort to keep rounds running smooth and on time.

Double entry is at your own risk. We highly recommend students in Debate events consider our async speech events to have the optimal tournament experience.


8:30 AM Policy Round 1 CX 1

11:00 AM Policy Round 2 CX 2

1:30 PM Policy Round 3 CX 3

3:30 PM Policy Finals (If needed) CX 4


9:00 AM Congress Round 1

12:00 PM Congress Round 2

2:30 PM Congress Finals 3


8:30 AM Speech Round 1

11:00 AM Speech Round 2

1:15 PM Speech Round 3

3:45 PM Speech Finals


9:30 AM LD/PF Round 1

12:00 PM LD/PF Round 2

2:15 PM LD/PF Round 3

3:30 PM LD/PF Round 4

4:45 PM LD/PF Finals


5:30 PM


-$25.00 per school

-$5.00 per student per event

-Asyncs are $3.00 6 Entries/1 Judge

-Speech events are 6 Entries/1 Judge

-$10.00 per PF

-$10.00 per CX

-$20.00 Nuisance fine for drops after January 31

**No Show Judges will incur $20 fine on behalf of their school for each prelim round missed and $20 if it is an elimination/final round. **

Corner Canyon High School

12943 S. 700 E. Draper UT 84020

Attn: Jonathan Spencer/Madelyn Willes CCHS Speech & Debate

If you are in need of hired judges, please contact the tournament directly as soon as possible. If you are traveling overnight to attend, please let us know asap so we can help with judge coverage.