City of Trees Varsity Opener

2023 — Boise, ID/US

Borah High School welcomes you to this year's City of Trees Varsity Debate Tournament! This is the District 3 season opener. In LD, PF, and CX, we will hold four power-matched prelim rounds and 2 elimination break rounds (semi-finals and finals). Awards will be given to students who break in these events. In Congressional Debate we will have 2 Prelim Sessions and 1 supper session. Awards will be given to the top 4 in the super session.

Events with low registration numbers may be cancelled.

Entry fees are $8 for individual events (LD/Congress) and $15 for partnered events (PF/CX).

Entries are due to Tabroom by 5pm on Tuesday, October 17th. Judges are due to be registered by 4pm on Wednesday, October 18th. Schools that do not bring their required number of judges may be forced to drop entries.

Borah Debate will offer limited concessions for students (cash only), as well as meals for judges.

TOPICS: September/October topics will be used for PF and LD. Congress will use the D3 Fall Legislation Packet .Policy will use the 2023 NFHS policy topic.

Hope to see you in October!