UMN High School Invitational

2023 — Online, MN/US

Top-Level Notes

--Friday online, Saturday in person. For Friday, please walk through this Tech Check sheet with ALL of your debaters.

--People are encouraged to wear masks, especially when not speaking

--We will have some snacks available between rounds in the hallway on the first floor of Blegen

--Lunch will be provided for everyone on the basement level floor of Blegen (Blegen 5) after Round 2

--We will hold a **short** awards ceremony at the conclusion of Round 3 on Saturday—location TBD depending on weather

--Community building: Saturday is the 'Not A Slay Day' ugliest shirt contest. Wear your tackiest outfit to win a trophy. Hosted by Skye Spindler! More info below!

--Community building: Saturday, during lunch and before awards, there will be an opportunity for debaters to design bowling pins for the Roseville Rosebowl tournament. As returning debaters/coaches will know, every year at the Roseville Rosebowl tournament there are custom designed pins for the top places in each division. This year, we figured why not let the debaters design some! There will be awards for the top designs. More info below!

Friday Schedule [all online, links provided via Tabroom]

3-3:30p—Registration (please text changes and/or 'good to go' to Jake at 507-382-3740]


4:00p--Round Start

6-6:30p--Dinner Break


7:00p--Round Start

Saturday Schedule [all in-person, balloting will be electronic]

7-7:45a—Registration (please text changes to Jake at 507-382-3740]


8:30a--Round Start


11:00a--Round Start

1-1:45p--Lunch Break


2:15p--Round Start

ASAP After R3—Awards


--Snacks will be available on tables in the first floor hallway of Blegen

--We will serve sandwiches after Round 2—you can pick up your lunch in Blegen 5


--Pickup and Drop-off—best location is the traffic circle in front of Humphrey Hall (301 19th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55455)

--Buildings in use: Blegen, Humphrey, Carlson

--Rooms will also start to automatically lock beginning at 3:45pm—please do not leave your things unattended in a room

--Please clean up after yourself

--Important rooms

--Tabroom: Blegen 155 (DCH, Jake, Rachel, Melekh, Lily Teske, et al.)

--Judge’s Lounge: Blegen 150 (snacks)

--Judge Training: Blegen 145


--Judges—Jake - / 507-382-3740 / Blegen 155

--Competitors—DCH - / 651.307.6980 / Blegen 155

--Maps: You can find a campus map here:

--Restrooms: a map of all-gender restrooms can be found here-- We will also designate the restrooms on the FOURTH floor of Blegen as all-gender for the duration of the tournament

--Parking: You can find a map here, the 19th Avenue Ramp is the closest, Law School parking lot is also a pay lot and close by —

Community building:

Rosebowl Pin Design Contest:
We want the students to be creative and make their own mark on the Roseville Rosebowl Tournament by orchestrating a Rosebowl Pin Design Contest at the UMN tournament. For those of you that aren't familiar, the Rosebowl tournament has a tradition of handing out bowling pins as trophies, and for the last few years, we have decorated them. During lunch at the UMN tournament, students will have the chance to create a design concept for the Rosebowl trophies. The winners' design concepts will be used on the Rosebowl bowling pin trophies. To be considered, designs must be a collaborative effort involving participants from at least two different schools.
Ugly Outfit Contest: "Not a Slay Day"
Inspired by school spirit days, we thought it would be fun to have tournament spirt days this season. In the "Not a Slay Day" Tacky Outfit Contest, students' mission is to create the most hilariously tacky outfit they can imagine. The contest will take place at awards during the UMN tournament, the winner will be the one with the most votes from judges based on creativity, originality, and humor. The winner will receive their very own Tacky Trophy.