Ysleta High School

2023 — El Paso, TX/US

We are excited to be hosting our annual Ysleta HS TFA Qualifying Tournament. We will be hosting Student Congress during the day on Friday. However, due to a large portion of our campus being currently closed off for construction, we do not have access to enough space to hold three chambers, so unfortunately we are being required to cap it at 40 as we only have rooms for two chambers. We do not have a holding area for students who are not in Congress, so please do not bring any students to campus Friday unless they will be competing in congress as we have nowhere for them to hang out. We will have limited space in the chambers for observers. Any students who are not in rooms during congress sessions will be asked to leave campus during the day. All congress entries will be placed on a waiting list, and then an equal number of competitors from each school will be admitted. We will start admitting on Thursday, Sept. 13 at noon, so please have your congress entries in early to assure yourself some spots.

All coaches and students need to please wear their school ID on Friday.

Congressional Debate on Friday will be debating the following pieces of legislation: Numbers 1-10 (Prelims), numbers 11-20 (Finals) of the TFA Fall 2023 Docket. LD and PF will be using the NSDA Sept.-Oct. topics.

LD - Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing.

PF - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its military presence in the Arctic.

All cross-entries are at the student’s own risk. If a student does not make their round on-time they may be dropped, regardless of the reason. Out-rounds will be paneled only if we have enough judges available. We will break brackets in debate out-rounds. We might have to flight debate rounds if we have large entry numbers. If you enter debaters, please bring some judges to cover your entries as we traditionally have struggled finding judges Friday afternoon.

We will do our best to accelerate the schedule if/when possible, so please pay close attention to the postings and updates.

Cross-Entry Rules: Students may enter LD or PF, but not both

Students may cross-enter at will on Saturday, but ballots WILL NOT be held for students who are over extended and do not make their rounds on time.


Friday, Sept. 22

8:30am - 11:30am: Congress Prelims

1:00pm - 3:30pm: Congress Finals

4:30: LD/PF Round 1

5:30: LD/PF Round 2

6:30: LD/PF Round 3

7:30: LD/PF 1st out round (Quarters/Semis)

(If we have to flight debate rounds, all out-rounds will be on Saturday)

Saturday, Sept. 23

8:00am: LD/PF Semis

8:00am: Extemp Draw

8:30am: DX, DI, Duet, OO

9:30am: Draw

10:00am: IX, HI, Info, Duo, POI

11:00am: PF/LD finals

11:00am: Draw

11:30am: DX, DI, Duet, OO semis

12:30pm: Draw

1:00pm: IX, HI, Info, Duo, POI semis

2:00pm: Extemp Draw

2:30pm: DX, DI, Duet, OO finals

3:30pm: Draw

4:00pm: IX, HI, Info, Duo, POI finals

Ysleta students will be competing at their own tournament.