Hunter Haunting

2023 — West Valley, UT/US

Hunter Haunting

4200 south 5600 West, West Valley, Utah 84120

Dear Coaches and Speech & Debaters:

Please join us for Hunter Haunting this year to be held in person with select events available asynchronously. Pertinent details are listed below, but please feel free to contact us for any additional information. We hope to see you on October 28th.

Costumes are encouraged and may be worn as long as they in no way contribute to or are utilized to enhance an interpretive event. We will also have a costume contest with the winners being recognized during the awards ceremony. The tournament will be done by 5:30 (fingers crossed) so attending the tournament will not impact any Halloween or other evening events for students.      

In addition to our in-person events, Scary Storytelling, Newscaster, Declamation, and Lip Synch will be available as asynchronous events. The deadline for asynchronous event submissions is Thursday Oct. 26thby 9:00 PM. Students may enter multiple events and, in fact, are encouraged to do so. Earn those points! However, only one of those events can be debate. Concessions will be available, and we encourage you to take advantage of it. We will have grab and go options for breakfast (pastries, granola bars, donuts, etc.) Lunch is still to be determined but will likely be Chick Fil A and pizza. Snacks, candy, drinks and such will be available for purchase throughout the day. We will be able to accept cash or card. Food and drinks will be provided for judges and coaches in the library.

Checks for entry fees need to be mailed or brought to the tournament prior to the beginning of round one. Checks should be made out to Hunter High School Debate and mailed to:


KHRISTIAN OWENS 4200 south 5600 West West Valley, Utah 84120

Please see Tabroom for deadlines regarding dropping students and the times fees will lock. Please make sure that the check you send indicates it is for debate. Our secretary receives all checks and will not deposit the money into our account and let us know you paid without it.


Novice/Open Lincoln Douglas

Novice/Open Public Forum

Novice/Open Congress (House & Senate)

Novice/Open Policy Big Question


Novice/Open Impromptu

Novice/Open Extemp (Combined National & Foreign)

Novice/Open Duo

Novice/Open Oratory

Novice/Open HI

Novice/Open DI

Novice/Open P.O.I.



Open Scary Storytelling

Open Newscaster

Open Declamation

Open Lip Synch

Open Informative

Open Oratory

Open Combined Interp HI/DI/DUO/POI

*Students may enter multiple events. In fact, it is encouraged and the schedule has been set up accommodate this. However, only one of those events can be debate. Also, students can not double enter in Policy Debate and Extemp or Congressional Debate and Extemp. As always students enter multiple events at their own risk. Events will be collapsed as needed based on the number of entries.



7:00-7:45 Group meeting/judges training

Debate Rd 1 8-9:30

Congress Session 1 8-9:30

Extemp Prep at 9:00

Speech Rd 1 9:30-10:30

Debate Rd 2 10:30-12:00

Congress Session 2 10:30-12:00

Lunch 12:00-12:30

Extemp Prep 12:00

Speech Rd 2 12:30-1:30

Debate Rd 3 1:30-3:00

Congress Session 3 1:30-3:00

Extemp Prep 2:30

Speech Rd 3 3:00-4:00

Awards to follow ASAP

Judges Please have your judges create a Tabroom account and make sure they are familiar with how to use Tabroom and judge their event category - please reference the new UDCA Event Rubrics.


Novice LD will be using the Open/Varsity topic.

LD and PF will be using the Sept./Oct. topics.

Extemp topics: The topics used for this tournament will be derived from the September/October NFHS lists and the September/October NSDA lists .

Congress legislation: A list of congress legislation by session will be posted on Tabroom by Oct 1st. All legislation can be found on the UDCA website.

Session 1

A Bill to Ban TikTok

A Bill to Increase Juvenile Rights

A Bill to Limit Inquiries into Immigration Status

A Bill to Exempt Teachers from Income Tax

Session 2

A Bill to Ban Generative AI for Commercial Use

A Bill to Ban High Fructose Corn

A Resolution to Adapt the American Infrastructure to be Less Reliant on Personal Vehicles

A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to End Corporate Election Spending

Session 3

A Resolution Withdrawing from the Abraham Accords

A Bill to Compensate Families Displaced by the Caracol Industrial Park

A Resolution to Increase the Number of Foster Parents

A Bill to Increase Access to Menstrual Care Products

Khristian Owens

Hunter High Speech & Debate