Prosper Rock Hill Walnut Grove Swing

2023 — Frisco, TX/US

Hello Friends, Neighbors, and Colleagues,

The students of Prosper Speech and Debate, along with Jack Loeb, Hannah Rodriguez, and Shelby Zarro, would like to invite you back to our Prosper Rock Hill Walnut Grove Swing Tournament.

The Schedule can be accessed here:

Cross Entering: Debaters (LD, CX, PF, Worlds Schools) cannot cross enter in any speaking events on either side of the tournament. Congress can cross enter in speech events on the Rock Hill (RHHS), Saturday IE portion of the tournament. IEs can cross enter in up to 3 events in each pattern on each side of the tournament.

Judging: Each school will be required to provide reasonably qualified judges using the customary formula:

  • CX Debate: One judge per two teams or part thereof.
  • World Schools: One judge per two teams or part thereof.
  • PFD: One judge per two teams or part thereof.
  • LD Debate: One judge per four entries or part thereof.
  • PFD One judge per two teams or part thereof.
  • Speaking Events: One judge for each 6 entries or part thereof.
  • Congress: one judge for each 6 entries or part thereof. Congress judges can also judge the Satureday IE portion.

Missing judges will incur a $150 fee.

Events Offered:

TFA Tournament: Policy debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, World Schools Debate (if there is interest), Congressional Debate, Novice LD, Novice CX, and Novice PF. Domestic Extemp (DX), International Extemp (IX), Original Oratory (OO), Informative Speaking (Inf), Humorous Interpretation (HI), Dramatic Interpretation (DI), Program of Oral Interpretation (PoI), Duo Interpretation (Duo), and Duet Acting (DA).

Congress: Please indicate if your student wants to self nominate as a PO to help us ensure that TFA rules are followed and we have at least 1 PO per chamber.


CX: 2023-2024 Resolution

LD: 2023-2023 NSDA Nov/December Resolution

PF: 2023-2023 NSDA Nov/December Resolution

World Schools: Round 1 & 3 pre-prepared

RD 1: This House opposes the use of public funds for school vouchers.

RD 3: This House regrets the commodification of art.

Debate Out Round 1: This House opposes lifetime appointments to the federal judiciary.

Debate Out Round 3: This House supports the increased use of nuclear power to combat climate change *If necessary*

Congress: All items will be debated in the following order. Remember that in order for an item to be considered debated an aff and a neg speech must be given before the item can be tabled.

Prelims (Public Matters)- 17, 24, 26

Semis (Environment)- 21, 18, 22

Finals (Foreign Policy)-20, 15 , 7 *Updated 10/25/23

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. We are also available by email:

Hannah Rodriguez- PHS/Tabroom Questions

Cell: 469-684-1495

Shelby Zarro- WGHS/Judging Questions

Cell: 830-203-9334

Jack Loeb- RHHS/Campus Questions

Warm Regards,

Prosper ISD