2023 MDTA Jamboree

2023 — Wayzata, MN/US

Welcome to the 2023 MDTA Jamboree

On behalf of the Minnesota Debate Teachers Association, we cordially invite you and your team to the 2023 MDTA Jamboree. This year the Jamboree will be held in person on Saturday, September 23, 2023 at Wayzata High School.

As has been the tradition at this tournament, one of our main goals is to provide novices an opportunity to learn about debate by watching a moderated demonstration round and analyzing the debate with a post round question and answer session. We are excited to be able to offer that opportunity again this year. In addition, we will be offering an abbreviated session of Congressional debate and then having time for a tutorial for novice debaters. You should register your novice and JV Congressional debaters in the House.

In addition to providing learning opportunities for our communities newest debaters, we will also be offering judge training for all categories of debate. As the needs of our newest debaters continue to change, we are asking that all available judges join our judge training opportunities on Saturday morning.

For your convenience, specific information related to the Jamboree is provided on the separate pages on the right of our main tournament page. Please refer to those pages for more specific information. If you have further questions, please contact DJ Brynteson at dj@brynteson.info for tournament assistance.

**Please Note: Congress Legislation can be found BOTH on the top right of the Main Page AND linked under the Congress heading on the Tournament Details by Division tab on the right of the main page.

Demo Rounds:
LD Demo Round 9AM Media Center Robbinsdale Armstrong LD vs Edina AJ Joe Schmitt
PF Demo Round 9AM B204 Eagan AJ vs Blake CR Mollie Clark
CX Demo Round 9AM Auditorium 2 Farmington AN vs Tartan Melekh Akintola
Judge Training:
Congress Judge Meeting at 8:45AM C421 DJ Brynteson
Congress Student Info Meeting #1 at 9AM B403 Grant Davis, Tammy Troute-McIntry
Congress Student Info Meeting #2 at 11:30AM B403 Grant Davis, Tammy Troute-McIntry
LD New Judge Meeting 9AM C217 Matt Davis
PF New Judge Meeting 9AM C218 Christian Vasquez
CX New Judge Meeting 8:45AM C219 Skye Spindler
New Policy Coaches Meeting at 9AM C220 Rachel Baumann