The Jungle Debate Tournament

2023 — Idaho Falls, ID/US

Welcome to The Jungle

Idaho Falls High School welcomes you to this year's The Jungle Debate Tournament! This is the Southeast Idaho season opener. We will hold a two-day debate-only tournament, with five preliminary rounds, and a full slate of break rounds. All schools in and outside of the Southeast Idaho area are invited to attend and debate with us!

Entry fees are $8 per student for the full weekend to cover costs associated with runnign a tournament. Payment must be received ahead of time, or upon arrival at the tournament. Schools that have not paid will not be allowed to participate in competition.

Entries are due to Tabroom by 4pm on Tuesday, October 24th. Judges are due to be registered by 4pm on Wednesday, October 25th. Schools that do not bring their required number of judges will be forced to drop entries.

The Jungle Debate Tournaments offers concessions for students (card and cash accepted), as well as meals for judges.

TOPICS: November/December topics will be used for PF and LD. Congress will use the October NSDA docket and any 2023 NEW Student-written legislation received by October 11th. (Please do not submit bills written prior to the 2023-2024 school year). Students will set the docket at the beginning of round 1. Policy will use the 2023 NFHS policy topic. Due to low interest, Novice Policy will not be offered at The Jungle this year.

Hope to see you in October at Idaho Falls High School!