JW Patterson HS Invitational

2023 — Oklahoma City, OK/US

JW Patterson High School Invitational

The 13th JW Patterson High School Invitational will be held by Heritage Hall School (and Casady School if entries dictate that) in Oklahoma City on Oct. 21-23rd, 2023. This is an in-person tournament with no online division or hybrid events.

Some important info:

1. The tournament will offer policy debate (varsity, novice) and LD (varsity, novice).

2. The tournament is a TOC qualifier in varsity policy at the semifinal level and in varsity LD debate at the finals level.

3. Novice policy debaters must only use evidence from the NDCA 23-24 evidence packet.

4. All judges are obligated to judge one full round (a partial round does not count) beyond the elimination of the school they represent. There will be a significant judge fee for "no show" judges. We will use a pref system in varsity policy debate and a pref or strike system in LD varsity debate (depending on the size of the judge pool). Please ensure judges representing your entries have judge philosophies posted on tabroom.com---which is a requirement.

6. No hybrid teams are allowed. No independent entries are allowed; an adult who represents the school must be the adult contact for the entry to be approved.

7. We will be using the topics approved by the NSDA. In LD varsity AND NOVICE, the 2023 Sept/Oct topic will be used (we will not use the Novice LD topic). In all policy debate events, the 2023-24 topic will be used.

8. All events will take place Oct. 21-22nd, except varsity policy which is Oct 21-23rd.

9. All entries will be waitlisted so we can try to balance regions and schools.

10. Limited snacks will be provided each day; the tournament will provide lunch for everyone on Saturday and Sunday. Food trucks will be back!

Debate coaches, if you have any questions, feel free to email me bgaston@heritagehall.com

Important locations

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