3rd Kansas City Missouri Invitational TOC and NIETOC Qualifier

2023 — Kansas City/Online, MO/US

You are invited to attend the 2023-2024 Kansas City Invitational invites you to attend!

Our in-person tournament hosted at Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City, MO will have the following events (all Varsity divisions):

Policy Debate (Varsity)--Friday and Saturday--we will guarantee experienced flow judges in every round

Humorous Interpretation--NIETOC Bid, TOC Bid, Saturday only

Dramatic Interpretation--NIETOC Bid, TOC Bid, Saturday only

Program of Oral Interpretation--NIETOC Bid, TOC Bid, Saturday only

Duo Interpretation--NIETOC Bid, TOC Bid, Saturday only

Oral Interp (Prose and/or Poetry)--TOC Bid, Saturday only

Original Oratory--NIETOC Bid, TOC Bid, Saturday only

Informative--NIETOC Bid, TOC Bid, Saturday only

United States Extemp--NIETOC Bid, TOC Bid, Saturday only

International Extemp--NIETOC Bid, TOC Bid, Saturday only

Congressional Debate--TOC Bid (Top 6), Saturday only

Our online tournament will take place Friday and Saturday. We will offer the following events/divisions:

Lincoln Douglas Debate (Novice/JV/TOC divisions)--TOC Bid (Finals), Friday and Saturday

Public Forum Debate (Novice/JV/Varsity divisions)--Friday and Saturday

Important Information:

Due to space concerns, we have had to make some concessions to make the tournament happen while balancing the needs of the local circuit and the national circuit bids:

1. LD, PF, and CX. 5 prelims in each. Clearing up to a full octofinals as judging and entries allow. Novice and JV and Varsity in PF and LD are online. Novice and JV of CX is online.

2. Varsity CX will occur in person on the Pembroke Hill campus in Kansas City MO on Friday and Saturday.

3. LD, PF, and Novice CX will occur online only on Friday and Saturday. Local schools may request rooms at Pembroke for their online PF and LD teams to compete in. They will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.

4. Speech and Congress will occur in person on Saturday in-person at Pembroke Hill School. 3 prelims and break to semis in Speech. An appropriate number of congress sessions + finals based upon entry numbers.

5. In-Person Judging Requirements: 1 adult/sponsor judge to cover ALL Speech/Congress. Missouri State Debate and Pembroke Debate will be providing experienced former HS/Current College Competitors to judge the VCX division and cover the judging burden of any local MO school. You are welcome to provide flow judges to the varsity division of policy debate, but you are not required. Online Judging Requirements: 1 Judge covers up to 4 LD/PF entries.

More info will be provided soon on the right-hand sidebar in the coming weeks.


The Host Committee

Justin Smith and Parker Hopkins, The Pembroke Hill School

Dr. Eric Morris, Missouri State University

Please contact us with questions at