La Reina Invitational

2023 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Schedule is as follows. All times Pacific. We will work to accelerate the tournament on Sunday to finish at a reasonable hour for East Coast teams.

Saturday, December 9: Debate Prelims and All Congress

7:15-8:00am Registration Online

8:00am Round 1

10:15am Round 2 / Congress Round 1

12:30pm Round 3 / Congress Round 2

2:45pm Round 4 / Congress Round 3

5:00pm Round 5 / Congress Finals

7:15pm Round 6

Sunday, December 10: Debate Elims and All Speech

Speech conflict patterns:

Speech Pattern A: Extemp, Spar, Dramatic Interp, Original Oratory, Middle School Persuasive, Middle School Prose, Middle School Storytelling, Duo Interp, Original Prose & Poetry

Speech Pattern B: Impromptu, Humorous Interp, Informative, Middle School Poetry, Program Oral Interp, Declamation, Original Advocacy

7:15-8:00am Speech Registration
8:00am Round 1A
8:30am Debate Elim #1
9:30am Round 1B
11:00am Debate Elim #2
11:00am Round 2A
12:30pm Round 2B
1:30pm Debate Elim #3
2:00pm Round 3A
3:30pm Round 3B
4:00 Debate Elim #4
5:00pm Pattern A Finals
6:30pm Pattern B Finals

Awards follow ASAP