ASYNC Spring Spectacular

2023 — Online, US

We are excited to invite you to the first aSync Spring Spectacular Speech Tournament to be held May 22nd-May 29th. The tournament is sponsored by One Clap Speech and Debate and will be run Jackson Hole, Hot Springs County, and Cheyenne East. All proceeds will help send students to Nationals!

Are you preparing for Nationals and want a chance for more tournament feedback? Do you have some students itching for another chance to compete this Spring? The aSync Spring Spectacular is the tournament for you!

Schools wishing to attend our meet will be entered on a first come, first serve basis. There will be an initial registration cap of 40 entries per event. We will let in as many waitlisted entries as possible.

We will be using “Tabroom” to register and tab the tournament. Please follow this link for registration.

Initial registration and entries are due Monday, May 15, 2023. Additional entries must be added by Friday, May 19, 2023. Drops will be accepted without penalty until noon on Monday, May 22, 2023. Entry fees are $7 for all Middle School events and $10 for all High School events.

We will offer all main speech events (minus Extemporaneous Speaking) plus National supplemental events. All events will be asynchronous. We will have 2 divisions:

High School Async: Drama, Duo, Humor, Info, Oratory, POI, Poetry, Prose, Extemp Commentary, Original Spoken Word, Expository, Impromptu, Storytelling

Middle School Async: Declamation, Drama, Duo, Humor, Impromptu, Info, Oratory, Original Spoken Word Poetry, Poetry, POI, Prose, Storytelling

We are also hosting a LIVE Extemporaneous Debate Tournament. See details here !

Impromptu competitors should record prep time with the speech, and topics are here.

Extemp Commentary topics will are here.

There is no doubling limitation for any async events, and one student may enter all events if they wish.

Async entries (recordings) are due in Tabroom on Monday, May 22 by 4:00pm.

Judging Schedule

Preliminary Rounds: Tuesday, May 23, Noon until Thursday, May 25, Noon

Release Semifinal breaks at 10am Friday

Semifinal Rounds: Friday, May 26, Noon until Saturday, May 27, Noon

Release Final breaks at 10am Sunday

Final Rounds: Sunday, May 28, Noon until Monday, May 29, Noon

Awards at 6pm, Monday, May 29

National events rules (binders, time limits, expectations, etc.) will be applicable unless otherwise stated in this invite.

Please register your accompanying judges and coaches as judges on Tabroom. Please provide a judge for every 4 entries that you register. Extra judges are very welcome, and varsity students may judge middle school entries (and earn NSDA points). Judges should also fill out this google form.

We will send ribbons to all finalists. All event champions will also have an opportunity to do a brief interview and be featured on the One Clap Speech and Debate Podcast with Lyle.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Londe Gagnon,

Lyle Wiley,

Marcus Viney,