WY Indian Novice Tournament

2022 — Ethete, WY/US

The WY Indian High School Speech & Debate Team invites you to our inaugural one-day Novice Speech Tournament to be held on Saturday, December 3, 2022. The location of WY Indian High School is in Ethete. Schools wishing to attend our meet will be entered on a first come, first serve basis. There will be an initial registration limit of 4 entries per event. We will let in as many waitlisted entries as room and judge constraints allow. This tournament will utilize tabroom.com. Please register your competitors and judges here: http://wyindian.tabroom.com

Please enter your competitors no later than 11/23/22. Drops will be accepted without penalty until Friday 12/2/22. Please, no adds after 11/29/22. (Name changes are fine until 12/2/22.)

Entry fees will be $9.00 for individual events and $16 for team events.

Doubling within pattern is allowed excluding CX Debate

Please register your varsity students as judges, including the events they can judge! Please bring as many accompanying judges as you can.

We ask competitors to follow the internet usage rules as defined by NSDA.

-Competitors in Poetry and POI must use manuscripts and they may be used as a prop. -Novices may use manuscripts in all events.

-Competitors in informative may use visual aids in accordance with NSDA rules.

-In Extemp, questions may be taken from NFHS & NSDA. Extemp draw starts 15 min before CHOPIE round

-We will operate an Equity Office at this tournament

-Registration will close about 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament-please make changes on Tabroom or notify a tournament director of the changes before that time

The Congress Legislation will be released on November 23. A link will be provided on tabroom.com. Please make sure your registered Congress students have their legislation loaded into the Wyoming Legislation database on that date. Email your legislation to: rpierson@fremont25.org at least 72 hours prior to November 23. See additional instructions here

  • We will be using the NSDA November/ December LD and PF debate topics:
    LD: Resolved: The People’s Republic of China ought to prioritize environmental protection over economic growth.

  • PF: Resolved: The United States’ strategy of Great Power Competition produces more benefits than harms.

Policy CX Debate will use the 2022-23 topic:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity.


  • Artificial Intelligence: Restrict development and/or use of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs)

  • Biotechnology: Ban the use of germline genetic engineering in humans

  • Biotechnology: Substantially increase funding for vaccine research

  • Cyber: Ban offensive cyber operations

Tournament Contact Information:
Sandra Iron Cloud - sandra.ironcloud@wyo4life.net

Rebecca Iron Cloud - beckzironcloud@gmail.com

Londe Gagnon - lgagnon@tcsd.org

Peggy Gagnon- 52mgagnon@gmail.com

Ds Pattern: Debates, Drama, Duo, POI

CHOPIE Pattern: Congress, Humor, Oratory, Poetry, Informative, Extemp

Extemp draw starts 15 min before CHOPIE round

9:00 AM

Round 1


10:30 AM

Round 1


11:30 AM

Round 2


1:00 PM

Round 2


2:00 PM

Round 3


3:30 PM

Round 3


4:30 PM

Finals or Rd 4

All Events

6:30 PM