ThunderVille Classic

2023 — Idaho Falls, ID/US

2022ThunderVille Classic Invitational & Idaho Falls Food Basket Canned Food Drive

*We are again doing aWinter canned fooddrive competition to help fill the Idaho Falls Food Basket for needy families thisWinter season. We are making this a competition with trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. Please encourageeach member of your team to bring at least 1-5 cans of food!

The Bonneville Tournament is now open for registration. This tournament will take place onJanuary13-14th, 2023.The Tournament will close registration Thursday, January 12th at 4:00pm. The reason for this late change time is so there are no drops at the tournament!

The Bonneville Tournament will feature Novice and Varsity divisions of Lincoln Douglas, and Public Forum Debate. There will only be a Varsity Division of Policy. Congress will be combined and run as a debate only event.

We will be doing the January PF Topic and the January-February LDTopics at the Bonneville Classic.


The Bonneville Classic Congress will use the 2023 Blacksnake Docket. It was a substantial docket and will give the kids a second chance to debate legislation.

Extemporaneous Speaking- Foreign and domestic are combined.

Speech will have three preliminaryrounds and a final round. The tournament will offer all Idahostatespeech events and Spar:

Impromptu, Panel, Informative Speaking, Spontaneous Argumentation,Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Original Oratory,POI,After Dinner Speaking, Oratorical Analysis,Salesmanship,Radio Speaking, Retold Story, and Extemporaneous Speaking.DOUBLE ENTRY IS PERMITTED

The Tournament will not be limited by A&B constraints. Students may enter, for the most part, any two speech events with the following warnings in mind.


Please do not double enter students intopanel and a draw event; that is impossible!!

Please instruct double entered students, withpanel as one oftheir events,to go to panel first each round and then hustle to their 2nd round. You may double enter, but you do soat your own risk.

In addition, double entering a student in a draw event andthen a 2nd event is cautioned against becausethe tournamentcannot guarantee that time for a round will not run out before a student can get from their draw performance to a 2nd event. You maydouble enter this way but you are doing soat your own risk.

Each school may bring a maximum of 16debate entries.Each LDer counts as an entry and each policy/pf team counts as an entry. Schools may not enter more than 6 entries in any single division (without management permission). Schools may enter 6 students in each speech entry.However, an attempt will be made to fitineveryone you would like to bring, if possible.

Concessions will be provided.


Robert Clayton