2022 — NSDA Campus, US

Welcome to the North American Middle School Debate Circuit! 

The NAMSDC is the next revolution in debate, designed to grow the middle school level to maximum competitiveness -and- accessibility with monthly, low-fuss, streamlined debating. The NAMSDC runs on a sports/eSports-inspired Grand Prix system, fully online and PF only. All entries allowed.


Help desk call: 
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 929-266-1823‬ PIN: ‪399 737 194‬#

Invite packet: 

We will be hosting all elimination rounds. No forced co-champions!* 



Our inaugural tournament will be invite-only to start the year off right. In addition to our regular awards, Early Access competitors will receive: 

  • reduced entry price
  • the chance to win waived or reduced entry fees for the rest of the season
  • early adopter Circuit badges

How to join:

  1. Register your teams on the waitlist as you normally would on tabroom.
  2. Wait for a speedy reply from our team 
  3. Receive an invite packet with everything you need to know
  4. That's it!

Any other questions? You can email us at, or you can keep reading below: 

Grand Prix I: Sapphire Cup (9/24-25) (Early Access)

Round 1 will start at 10AM EST on Saturday. 

Rounds will be through NSDA Campus. Observers allowed depending on entry size.

Visit our website for detailed information on everything The Circuit has to offer!

Bookmark our October tournament for registration--open now to everyone! 


The NAMSDC has a few key differences from tournaments you're used to.

  • All teams allowed, including hybrids, unaffiliated, and clubs
  • Speaker points are now the last tiebreaker
  • Circuit Rating points based on performance
  • Enforced topicality (theory/K not allowed)
  • Specialized, monthly themed trophies
  • Grand Prix system
  • No division of entries between online and in-person
  • Badges for various achievements 


*some tournaments are automatically ending regardless of teams left in out-rounds. We will run Semis and Finals and declare a champion, unless a school closes out and prefers not to debate.