2022 — NSDA Campus, US


Welcome to the North American Debate Circuit! 

The NADC is the next revolution in debate, designed to grow debate to maximum competitiveness -and- accessibility with monthly, low-fuss, streamlined debating. The NADC runs on a sports/eSports-inspired Grand Prix system, fully online. All entries allowed.

We have tournaments every month at the same low cost! Bookmark our full 2022-2023 schedule here:

Quick info: 

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Prize info:

Current prize pool: $2,500 (this is a total prize pool for the tournament.)

NADC will award Champions, finalists, and semi-finalists with cash-based grants to winning teams. 

(A prize pool? Is this real?)

You betcha! It's about time something other than Fortnite or Chess rewards skilled young competitors. The NADC pools money from 3 sources: 1) Organization funds, 2) Entry fees, 3) Corporate/Non-profit sponsors. 

(Can the prize pool grow?)

Our prize pool is geared towards expansion and maximum reward. To that end, as our entry field grows, so too will the prize pool and placements for earnings. Our milestones are as follows: 

50 entries: $3,000

100 entries: $4,000

150 entries: $5,000

200 entries: $7,500

(How do I get the money?) 

The NADC will send checks made payable to the parent or legal guardian of each designated winning debater.

(What is the prize breakdown?) 

A $2,500 total prize pool will be distributed across 4 Elimination sections (MS Novice, MS Varsity, HS Novice, HS Varsity). Varsity awards are set at a 2:1 ratio of novice. 

HS Var champ = $420 (total, to the team)
HS Var finalist = $208
HS Var semifinalist = $104 each

MS Var champ = $416
MS Var finalist = $208
MS Var semifinalist = $104 each

HS Nov champ = $208
HS Nov finalist = $104
HS Nov semifinalist = $52 each

MS Nov champ = $208
MS Nov finalist = $104
MS Nov semifinalist = $52 each

*Limited to residents of US and Canada.

Bid info:

Finals: Platinum bid 

Semis: Gold bid

Quarters: Silver bid

Octas: Bronze bid

(How does it work?)

400 Qualifier Points are needed to bid directly to the Grand Championship Main Event in June.

Platinum = 400 points; Gold = 300 points; Silver = 200 points; Bronze = 100 points.

(Do I keep my points even if I change partners?)

Yes. All points are durable, awarded as individual Qualifier Points (QP) to both members of a team. This means that receiving a gold bid = 300 points assigned to Debater A, and 300 points assigned to Debater B. To qualify directly to the Grand Championship Main Event, both debaters need 400 total QP or more, but they do not need to have amassed those points together as the same team. 

(You said Grand Championship Main Event. Is there something else?)

Yes! In addition to our monthly "Cups," two weeks before the Main Event is our Wildcard Event. This offers teams a last-chance to make it to the Main Event.

Entry info:

For October, we are running the HS and MS levels as "collapsed divisions with breakouts." In short, both novice and varsity teams are in the same pool, but will only face each other if their prelim records lead them in that direction. Elims will then "break out" back into two fields. In other words: 

Rounds 1 and 2: Randomly matched within your experience level (Novice will hit Novice, Varsity will hit Varsity) 

Rounds 3-6: Fully power-matched

Elims: Breaks into two elim pools. Example:

Elim Pool 1: Top 4 HS teams advance to Varsity Semis. This can include a novice team if they placed in the top 4.

Elim Pool 2: Top 4 novice HS teams advance to Novice Semis. If a novice team is in Varsity Semis, the 5th place novice team would then get to compete in Elim Pool 2.

These pools run concurrently. MS would have its own Elim Pools, functioning the same way.



November tournament signup opens Oct. 1: