Fear of Missing Out FOMO VII Invitational and Round Robin

2022 — Trenton, FL/US

Welcome! You are cordially invited to the Fear of Missing Out (F.O.M.O.) VII Invitational. This year
hosted by Trenton Junior/Senior High School in Trenton, Florida.
Address: 1013 N Main St, Trenton, FL 32693
Tournament Host Phone:  (352) 440-2234 Claude Smith
District: Gilchrist County School District

This is a one-day three round tournament. The date for the invitational tournament is Saturday,
September 10, 2022.

The F.O.M.O. Round Robin, an event preceding the start of the F.O.M.O by one-day, will begin on
Friday, September 9, 2022, recess by 9:30pm, then resume, and conclude on Saturday, September 10,
Applications to the Round Robin are strongly encouraged. The application is informal but time sensitive.
Please contact the F.O.M.O. Round Robin Director, Marna Weston at westonmr@gm.sbac.edu for more
information on the availability of spaces in the Inaugural F.O.M.O. Round Robin
Round Robin competition categories are: Policy Debate, Worlds School Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate,
Oral Interpretation of Literature (Prose & Poetry), Congressional Debate, and Mixed Extemporaneous

F.O.M.O. Invitational competition categories are: Congressional Debate, Mixed Extemporaneous
Speaking, Public Forum Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Just Talk (6 thru 10 th grade only), Oratorical
Declamation (6 thru 10 th grade only), Informative Speaking, Original Oratory, Lincoln Douglas Debate,
Policy Debate, Extemporaneous Debate, Dramatic Performance (mixed HI & DI), After Dinner Speaking,
and Extemporaneous Sports Analysis. Following the Round Robin, the tournament will offer 2
preliminary Rounds of Impromptu Speaking and a Final Round.
Double Entry is allowed in Speech Events Only. Round Robin participants are allowed to enter
Impromptu Speaking during the F.O.M.O. Invitational