Westmoore Jag Invite 2022

2022 — Oklahoma City, OK/US

You are invited to the Jag Invite on November 4-5 at Westmoore HS.

NEW THIS YEAR! Debate AND I.E. will use ONLINE BALLOTING ONLY! Please plan to bring your computers, phones, or tablets to judge from. Hotspots wouldn't be a bad idea if using a cell phone as our cell reception is spotty throughout.

The Jag Invite will offer:

6A Qualifying

5A Qualifying

Novice Debate Division

Sweepstakes awards will be given in 5A and 6A Divisions only.

Entries: Entries are due before 10:00 PM Monday, October 31. Fees are frozen/fines apply on 11/1, 4:00 p.m.

Judges: Judge Requirements adhere to OSSAA rules. Judges must be confirmed by 5:00 PM on Wednesday. When entering judges, you may specify “No Friday” or “No Saturday” to indicate that a judge will not be available that day. Schools MUST cover their debate entry or risk dropped entries. 

Debate Topics:For all qualifying divisions of debate, we will use the November/Decembers varsity NSDA topics. In novice CX will use the novice packet.

Drop/Add:Please email or phone in ASAP. Charges will follow OSSAA guidelines. Adds will not be accepted beyond Wednesday.

Fees: 6A, 5A, Qualifying, fees will follow OSSAA requirements. 

Friday Arrival:

All 3 debate preliminary rounds will be on Friday. Rounds will starting at 3:15 pm. 

Registration will begin at 1:30 pm on Friday and judges should be in our auditorium by 2:30. (AWFUL 3:00 p.m. traffic. PLEASE PLAN THIS WAY.)

Saturday Arrival:

Registration will begin at 7:15 am on Saturday. Judges should be ON CAMPUS by 7:45 a.m. and report directly to their rounds.

I.E. Rounds and Debate out rounds will begin at 8 a.m. 


Friday instructions will be sent later in the week.

Saturday- please have buses park on the north side of the school, at the annex, formerly known as WCC. We have a basketball tournament that day as well. So parking is tight. Plan accordingly and ask judges to do the same.

Food:We will have a judge’s lounge and a concession stand as well after school begins Friday and all day Saturday. Please note for debaters attending Friday, however: students cannot eat in our auditorium. Please plan to eat lunch PRIOR to arrival or enjoy a nice picnic on your bus.

If I have left anything out feel free to email me.