Asynchronous Georgia Speech Scrimmage 2 hosted by Marist

2022 — Online, GA/US

All information can be found in the Full Information Packet

Thursday, 9/29 (8am EST)

Limited Prep Topics will be posted on the Tabroom and emailed to Registered Schools

Monday, 10/3 (8pm EST)

Entry and judge names will be frozen. Drop Fees will begin at this time.

Tuesday, 10/4 (5pm EST)

Recordings will be due via Tabroom.  Any entry without a recording will be dropped.

Tuesday, 10/4 (5pm EST)

Schools must pre-pay or send verification of payment to in order to be included on pairings

Tuesday, 10/4 (8pm EST)

Preliminary Rounds will be paired and blasted through Tabroom

Thursday, 10/6 (7pm EST)

Preliminary Rounds are due - ballots must have typed feedback

Thursday, 10/6 (9pm EST)

Final Rounds will be posted (see below for rules of Finals**)

Saturday, 10/8 (11am EST)

Final Rounds are due 

Saturday, 10/8 (2pm EST)

Results will be emailed to coaches