2022 — New Haven, CT/US

Update September 27, 2022:

We updated "Event Locations." There are major changes to Parliamentary and Congress debate locations. There are minor changes to Policy locations. We also added a page on "Shuttle Information."


Update September 25, 2022:

We added “Event Locations,” which includes addresses, buildings information, and maps for competitors. Also updated “Food” under “Hospitality” with the notification that attendees are encouraged to pack their own meals.


Update September 5, 2022: 

We have added a section to the invitation that clarifies the COVID-19 vaccination policy in light of the new boosters recently approved by the CDC. The specific wording in the invitation is also copied below for your convenience. 

With the recent FDA authorization and CDC recommendation of updated booster shots specifically targeting the omicron variant of COVID-19, the CDC definition of "up to date" on COVID vaccines has changed. Because the new (bivalent) booster shots have only been approved in the last few days, we cannot enforce a requirement that all participants have received these new shots. As such, we will enforce the previous CDC guidance about being up to date on vaccines (which was in place when the tournament invitation was originally posted): all participants must have completed a primary series and received at least one booster shot (if at least 5 months have passed since the completion of a Pfizer/Moderna primary series or at least 2 months have passed since the completion of a J&J initial shot).

There are still no exemptions to the vaccination requirement; all participants must have completed a primary vaccine series and a booster if eligible. 


Update August 28, 2022:

We have added a clarification to "Hospitality" regarding hotels and listed another hotel in the area.


Update August 18, 2022:

We have added a new hotel to the group rates, lowered a hotel rate, and crossed off a fully booked hotel.


Update August 4, 2022:

We have made and posted small edits to the invitation, including a clarification on Yale's policy for vaccination exemptions for visitors as opposed to Yale affiliates.


Update August 1, 2022:

Registration will open on August 3 at 1 PM Eastern Time. The full tournament invitation has been posted. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We're excited to see all our old and new friends in New Haven this September!



We are happy to announce that the 30th Yale Invitational will be held fully in-person at Yale University from Friday, September 30th through Sunday, October 2nd. Given that the pandemic is a constantly evolving situation, we reserve the right to move the tournament online at a later date, but we hope to welcome you all to Yale and New Haven in September.

We will return with more details soon, and for now, please do not hesitate to contact us at yaleinvitational2022@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing everyone in New Haven! 

Yale Debate Association