Holiday Havoc Invitational NIETOC

2022 — Nampa, ID/US

2022 Holiday Havoc Invitational

A NIETOC Designated Event

Welcome to the 2022 Holiday Havoc Invitational hosted by Columbia High School, Nampa, Idaho. We are happy to offer all 14 IHSAA speech events in both varsity and novice divisions. If an event fails to get enough entries, it may be collapsed but we will still recognize the top placements in each division.

Event descriptions are detailed under each event. If you have any questions, please contact tournament director Jeff Stoppenhagen at

We will offer 3 rounds of pattern A and pattern B events, with an alternating schedule, plus finals, for events that warrant it. Awards will be presented to all students making finals. Specific tournament information is located in the invitation on the home page.

A Events - Duo Interp, Extemporaneous, Informative, Panel Discussion, Program Oral Interp, Radio Broadcast, Retold Story

B Events - After Dinner, Communication Analysis, Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, Impromptu, Original Oratory, Sales Speaking

We look forward to welcoming you to Columbia High School on December 3rd!

Jeff Stoppenhagen, Director, and Benjaman Smoldon, Asst. Director - Tournament Hosts