California High School Speech Association State Championship

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US



The awards show beings at 6:30 PM PT.


We specifically invite Finalists in Speech/Congress and Quarterfinalists in Debate to join us LIVE in the Zoom meeting where you "step on stage" or turn on your camera when it is your event. Coaches are also welcome to join the Zoom meeting and appear on screen with the State Champions.

If you are in the preceding list, join us in this Zoom room here 










Congratulations on qualifying to the California High School Speech Association State Championship! We are so excited to have you join us for our second (and hopefully last!) fully online State. While things may look a little different this year, our goal of empowering the students of California through top tier competition remains the same. We're so happy to have you join us!

If you need help with any part of this process, your League President and Area Chair are awesome folks to help you navigate registration (and everything leading up to and during the State Tournament itself!). 

Please note: ONLY students who qualified to State during local State Qualifying Tournaments can attend CHSSA State 2022. If you're unsure if that is your student, please contact your League President and they can assist you. 

Additionally, please be aware: only the coach of record on the CHSSA membership form that was submitted to your Area Chair earlier in the year may register students for State. Students may not enter themselves and no independent (non-school site) entries are allowed. If an entry is found to be created by a non-coach (ie: a student) that entry will be removed. 



** This page is for the CHSSA HIGH SCHOOL State Championship only.

If you are looking for the MIDDLE SCHOOL State Championship, click here. **


NEW FOR 2022

Please note: we ask that our community members prioritize health and safety above all other constraints during this tournament. We ask that all competitors and judges follow appropriate school, local, and state health guidelines when it comes to things like social distancing for the duration of the tournament. The tournament does not have a mask mandate, but judges will be instructed to not penalize students who choose or need to wear a mask while competing for any reason.


After a vote by the CHSSA board that concluded on Feb 14, 2022, the following changes are applied to this year:

* All rounds for all events will be fully synchronous. 

* There will be no double entry allowed at State for this year only.

* The debate judge obligation will be 1 judge per every 2 entries or fraction thereof.

* The speech and congress judge obligation will be 1 judge per every 3 entries or fraction thereof. 

* Judges will be in their particular division (speech, debate, or congress) for the duration of the tournament. 


AWARDS will take place Monday, May 1st at 6:30 PM PT and a live stream will be offered via the CHSSA Youtube Channel. 

You may be wondering why awards is pushed back this year and we did this for a couple of reasons. First, AP testing begins Monday morning and we want to allow students and teachers ample time to rest and prepare for that (this is something we have received a tremendous amount of feedback about from students, parents, and coaches). Second, having awards pushed back a bit gives the tournament officials a chance to formally audit results before announcing.  

We encourage teams to make awards an event this year! Invite administrators and teachers, family members, friends to your campus to safely meet and watch the awards livestream. 


PAYMENTS this year are all going directly to our Treasurer and not your Area Chair. Please make sure that all physical payments are sent to the address on the invoice only and please make sure they are sent with tracking. 


ROLLOVER FORM Each year, coaches choose what happens to their judge bond if all judging obligations are met. You can either have this refunded to you via check or you can "rollover" the bond to pay next year's CHSSA membership dues for your team. What is different this year is that there is no secondary rollover form like we have done in the past. Instead, during registration, you'll have the option to choose between refund via check or credit for next year. If you select "credit for next year," that bond will be converted over to pay your school's CHSSA membership dues for next year.


Current rules and regulations governing this tournament, as well as a list of all temporary changes applied for virtual competition this year, can be found here.




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