California High School Speech Association State Championship

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Useful Info


Given that we are online for one more year, we have pushed back the regular deadlines to be much closer to the tournament than we normally do. We did this to give everyone as much time as possible to get everything in (and work with administrative offices that may be facing staffing issues due to the ongoing pandemic). That said, we encourage you to complete all parts of your registration as early as possible. 

Registration Opens


Entries Due by  5 PM

Coaches must have all students entered on Tabroom


Media Release Forms Due by 5 PM

Coaches must have all student media release forms uploaded on Tabroom


Judges Due by 5 PM

Coaches must have all judges entered on Tabroom


Payment Due by 5 PM

CHSSA must receive your payment by this date. This is not a postmark date. To meet this deadline, we encourage you to pay online with a card; if you need to send a physical check, please do so with tracking and delivery confirmation on or before April 8, 2022 to allow time for delivery ahead of the deadline. There will be no extensions granted for late payments this year; if payment is not received by the deadline, entries will be dropped and alternates will be notified.


**If your district takes a long time to cut checks, please reach out to our Treasurer and she can generate an invoice for you even before your Tabroom registration is complete. This will allow you to submit the check request early.  Our Treasurer can be reached at:



* Every school with a Congress entry should submit a piece of legislation for us to consider for our docket. The link to do so is here.  Legislation must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 23rd.


* While you are absolutely welcome to send a physical check to pay your fees if that is what is required by your district, we highly suggest you pay digitally via our online payment portal. If you do need to mail a physical check, please send all physical payments with tracking. If you don't send your payment with tracking and it's lost in transit, you may face a financial penalty or be dropped from the tournament. 

 If your district takes a long time to cut checks, please reach out to our Treasurer. Jennifer can generate an invoice for you even before your Tabroom registration is complete. This will allow you to submit the check request early. You can reach out to her as early as today if you'd like,Jennifer can be reached at:


* We are thrilled to have the opportunity to once again offer assistance through our Food Insecurity Program, available thanks to our generous sponsors, including the National Speech and Debate Association. You can find out more information about this program here. Food Insecurity Program requests must be received by April 15th, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.


* The awards ceremony will take place Monday, May 2nd at 6:30 PM. Awards will also be live streamed and recorded. 


* We ask that teams make sure that their judges are trained on not only the events, but also how to be productive, positive, equitable influences in the tournament space. We highly suggest that coaches have their judges complete the NFHS/ NSDA online judge training, which is totally free and which you can find here. The whole course takes about an hour.  If your judges are experienced judges who are familiar with their events, it is still beneficial for those judges to take the quick, free refresher offered by the NFHS/NSDA on cultural competency when judging


* We will live stream as many final rounds as possible, though if that breaks for any reason, final rounds will be posted on our Youtube and social media at the conclusion of the tournament. 


* If there are connection issues during a live round, judges may not provide students private video conferencing links, personal phone numbers, or other potentially unsafe solutions. Safety is our #1 priority. If there are connection issues, or if you are a student and a judge tries to get you to privately contact them somehow, please contact the Help Desk immediately. Any judge found to be trying to privately communicate with students will be removed from the tournament immediately and the school supplying the judge will face a fine if they cannot provide an alternate.