VHSL Regionals 3C

2022 — Palmyra, VA/US

VHSL 3C Regional Tournament


Dear Forensic coaches,


Fluvanna is excited to be hosting the ​Region 3C Forensics meet this year! In order for things to run smoothly, it is important that I pass on some basic information.


  1. Tournament date: 

    1. Saturday, February 12.  

    2. Make up date: Thursday, February 17. 


  1. Masks/Mitigation:

    1. All students/judges must wear masks at all times. (Except when eating). This includes students while competing.


  1. The Extemp topics: (Be prepared for all 4, the order could be random)

    1. Round 1 - Supreme Court

    2. Round 2 - Refugees

    3. Round 3 - COVID

    4. Round 4 - Sustainable Industry


  1. Judges:  

    1. Each school will need to provide a minimum of 3-4 judges.  

    2. With a tournament this big it is the only way to have enough judges.  

    3. “Clean” judges? If you have “Clean” judges, please let me know! This would be VERY helpful! Clean judges are individuals NOT affiliated with your school. Not parents. Not teachers. Not graduates. Judges need to be trained. Do not bring untrained judges to this tournament!

    4. If you have more than 4 judges that would be great.  The stipend will be $30 ($10 per round).

    5. We will be using online ballots, so judges will need to be registered on Tabroom, and bring a laptop to the tournament for judging.


  1. Tabroom:

    1. We have to submit entries on the VHSL Regional entry form but I have also set up a Tabroom registration page for the purposes of running the tournament. I am asking each school to register your team on Tabroom in addition to the Regional Form for the purposes of running the tournament. 


  1. Regional entry forms:

    1. Due February 4, 2022

    2. Can be found on the VHSL website.

    3. If all info (students and judges) is entered in Tabroom forms can be faxed.


  1. Schedule:

    1. Will be determined once we get an idea of number of entries and consensus of coaches. But here is an idea of the general schedule assuming we have two full rooms of competitors, glorious weather, lots of judges and absolutely no issues!

    2. Our plan (in order to save time) is to run 3 rounds, with 2 judges. There will be no finals. If numbers warrant it, we will adjust to a finals. I will notify coaches as soon as I have full numbers.


Schedule (approximate):

Registration 8:00-9:00

Coach and Judge Meeting 9:00

Extemp Draw R1 9:00

Round 1 9:30

Extemp Draw R2 10:30

Round 2 11:00

Lunch 12:00

Extemp Draw R3 12:30

Round 3 1:00


Awards (approximate) 3:00


  1. Food:

    1. Coffee and donuts will be available in the morning for coaches and judges.

    2. Lunch will be provided (no charge) for coaches and judges.

    3. Concessions will be available for purchase students for breakfast and for lunch. Pizza, hot dogs, bbq, and various snacks will be available.


  1. VHSL Rules

    1. Please go over all VHSL rules for all events

    2. Rounds/judges

    3. We will be running 3 rounds with 2 judges (no finals)

    4. Extemp

      1. Laptops ARE allowed in prep room.

      2. Cellphones are NOT allowed in prep room.

    5. Original

      1. Bring a single hard copy of the original speech (you will not be allowed to print on site) to be turned into Tabroom/Registration.

    6. Interp Events

      1. Bring ORIGINAL material (book or ebook) to the tournament in the event a challenge is made. Copies of manuscripts are not acceptable. 

If you have ANY questions do NOT hesitate to email me cedgerton@apps.fluco.org