VHSL Regionals 3C

2022 — Palmyra, VA/US

Dramatic Interpretation

Abbreviation DI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Each contestant shall present one selection of a serious nature chosen from published material. Contestant must present the same selection in each round of a given tournament. The selection should emphasize character development through consistent use of distinct voices, focal points and postures. Adaptations may be for the purpose of continuity only. The contestant should preface the selection with an introductory statement that will give the audience a better understanding of the selection, provided the total time does not exceed ten minutes. Adjudicator will not provide time signals. The use of a manuscript is prohibited. Properties or costumes are not permitted. Movement is allowed, but such movement should be restricted to bending (knees and/or waist); leaning, twisting or swiveling; and no walking. Use of body (gestures, appropriate audience/eye contact, etc.) to suggest character is permitted.