Norman North Mnemosyne

2022 — Norman, OK/US

We hope you will participate in Norman North Mnemosyne ONLINE tournament on January 21-22!

IE events will be asynchronous via video. Debate and extemp will be synchronous via Zoom. Please keep an eye out for any updates.

* * * * Please pay special attention to the details of this message and the deadlines listed for registration, drops, and judges. * * * *

Norman North Mnemosyne will offer:

· 6A Qualifying

· 5A Qualifying

· Champs Division for IE and Debate.

Abridged Schedule:

* This is the general Schedule – a more detailed schedule will be published the Wednesday of tournament week.

Tuesday – Entries are due by 5 p.m.

Wednesday – IE videos due by 6 PM. Judges due by 5pm.

Thursday- IE async rounds will be blasted for judging. Due by 6 PM Friday.

Friday – 3 rounds of Debate prelims begin at 4:15 pm. Blast by 4pm. Pls report to Zoom room early. Debate breaks announced after round 3.

Saturday –Debate Out Rounds/IE prelims and Out Rounds begin at 8 am. Blast at 7:30 am. Pls report to Zoom room early. Awards via Zoom as soon as finals are finished (around 4-5 pm).

I will be sending out several reminders, but PLEASE be sure:

EVERY competitor AND judge has a Tabroom account that is linked to your school.

Any unlinked students will be a drop at registration.

Judges will need a laptop, iPad, or some type of digital device to access online ballots.

- Ask all students and judges to login to their tabroom accounts today to confirm access. If they cannot gain access, email to have the issue resolved. The biggest tournament headaches have come from students/judges not accessing accounts/linking accounts.

- Ask all judges and debate/extemp students to login to their ZOOM accounts to confirm access.


  • Registration for Debate is Friday @ 3:00-4:00 p.m. online. The registration link will be emailed the week of the tournament. Please confirm entries/onsite.

  • Registration for IE is Saturday @ 7:15-8:00 am online. The registration link will be emailed the week of the tournament. Please confirm entries/onsite.

Debate & Extemp:

  • Any competitor account not linked to their tabroom account by registration time each day will count as “a drop at registration.”

  • All debate events will be held synchronously via Zoom with prelims starting at 4:15 pm on Friday and out rounds starting at 8:00 am on Saturday. Students should report to their Zoom rooms 30 minutes before round start time. This will help the process go smoother and get everyone out on time Friday night.

  • Extemp will be held synchronously via NSDA Campus on Saturday.

    • Students will report to extemp draw via Zoom 30 MINUTES BEFORE DRAW TIME where all first speakers will receive the same 5 questions. Then all 2nd speakers will get 5 different questions. Then all 3rd speakers will get 5 new questions… and so on.

    • After 30 minutes, all speakers will then go to their assigned Zoom rooms to give their speech.


  • IE’s will be judged via video Thursday-Friday. IE Finals will be on Saturday.

  • Video upload deadline will be Wednesday by 6:00 PM.

  • Please tell your I.E. judges prelim asynchronous rounds will be released at 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning and should be judged by 6:00 p.m. Friday. Asynchronous prelim rounds not started by 8:00 a.m. Friday will be replaced/fined. Please make sure if there is a conflict with a scheduled round, the tournament is notified immediately. Please ask judges to judge in advance to type comments for students. Since students are not able to watch rounds, comments are their only source of educational feedback in a tournament setting. Please emphasize this with your judges.

  • Judges:
  • Please make sure judges understand that this in an online tournament. Please ask judges to type comments for students on ballots. Please emphasize the educational importance of this feedback with your judges.

  • Judges will need a computer, laptop, iPad, or some type of digital device to access online ballots.

Awards: The award show will be live via Zoom. The link will be sent out during tournament week. Since the tournament is online, there will be no medals or trophies. We will provide a certificate template.

Schedule: The tentative schedule will be available soon.

Entries: Entries are due on or before 5:00 PM Tuesday, January 18. Video links are due by Wednesday, January 19 at 6:00 PM.

Judges: Judge Requirements adhere to OSSAA rules. Judges must be confirmed by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, January 19.

- All debate judges should be entered in the appropriate judge group (CX or LD/PF) even if they are also available to judge speech.

- All non-debate judges should be entered in the speech judge group.

- When entering judges, you may specify “No Friday” or “No Saturday” to indicate that a judge will not be available that day by completing notes in entry field. Please see OSSAA handbook for judge/round commitments to avoid fees.

- If a judge is unavailable for specific times (debate/extemp especially), please email

Debate Topics: For all qualifying divisions and champs we will use the NSDA January topics.

DROPS: Please email ASAP should you have any. Charges will follow OSSAA guidelines. Drop and add fees begin after 5 pm Tuesday.

Fees: 6A, 5A, Champs fees will follow OSSAA requirements.

OSSAA Rules Manual:

If I have left anything out, feel free to email me AND/OR call my cell at 405-213-3743.

Help Guides (will be updating throughout the week):