Inola End of Season Invitational

2022 — Inola, OK/US

It is my great pleasure to invite you and your team to the Inola End of Season Invitational Tournament.

This event will take place on Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26.

We will be hosting classes 3A, 4A, Novice, and Champs.

This is a qualifying tournament which will run according to the rules set by the O. S.S.A.A.

All fourteen events sanctioned by the O.S.S.A.A. will be offered.

Debate will be held on Friday and I.E. events will be held on Saturday.


Below you will find information which I hope will be helpful in preparing you for our tournament.

If you have any questions, I may be reached at 918-430-8596.

My email is




Friday, February 25

Registration: 3:00-4:00pm
Debate Rounds: 4:30pm

Saturday, February 26th

Registration: 7:30am-8:00am
Extemp Draw: 8:30am
IE Rounds: 9:00am

COVID Protocol:

We will take all necessary precautions to ensure that our buildings will be clean and sanitized upon your arrival. We recommend that your students and sponsors wear masks inside the buildings. You may remove them during performances.

Entries are due by Monday, February 21st at 5pm
Please register on tabroom

Adds will be taken until Tuesday, February 22nd at 5pm
All divisions will be assessed according to the original entry and O.S.S.A.A. guidelines

Drops: See O.S.S.A.A. rulebook

Judges must be confirmed by Wednesday, February 23rd at 4pm
The judge requirements are listed below:
2 CX Teams= 1 judge, 3-4 Teams= 2 judges
4 LD Debaters= 1 judge, 5-8=2 judges, 9-12=3 judges
12 I.E. Entries=1 judge, 13-24=2 judges, 24-36=3 judges, 37-48=4 judges

$3 for each individual event
$5 for each LD debate entry
$6 for duets
$10 for each XC and/or PF debate team
(However, if we have to go virtual, the cost will be adjusted, as mentioned
in the handbook.)


Make checks and purchase orders out to

Inola High School
PO Box 1149
Inola, OK 74036


Medals will be presented to the top three places in individual events and in debate.

Sweepstakes awards will also be presented to the top three in each class.

Tab Room:

Will only be open to coaches. When preliminary results have been calculated, they will be placed on the front table in the tab room.
When the last round of finals begins, we will close the tab room, so we can get to awards assembly quickly and efficiently.


A lounge for coaches, judges, and bus drivers will be located in the FCCLA room. A concession stand will also be provided for your students.


Our school administration allows us to host this tournament.
Therefore, in order for us to continue to do so, please instruct your students to be respectful of our school and our classrooms. Also, Inola is a tobacco-free and vape-free campus.