Speak of the Devil Invitational

2022 — Evanston, WY/US

We cordially invite you to the 2022 Speak of the Devil Invitational tournament on Friday and Saturday, January 14-15 at Evanston High School.


We will be offering the following events:

Pattern A (HOPE pattern)

Humor (HI)

Oratory (OO)                     

Poetry (PO)

Extemp (EX)

Congress (CD)

Informative (IN)

Impromptu (IMP)

Big Questions Debate (BQ)


Pattern B (D pattern, plus POI)

Public Forum (PF)

Lincoln-Douglas (LD)

Policy Debate (CX)

Drama (DI)

Duo (DUO)

Program Oral Interpretation (POI)


General info:

-In all HOPE pattern events, we will have three preliminary rounds. The events in the D pattern will have a 4th preliminary round.

-Humor, Oratory, Drama, and Duo must be memorized. 

-Extemp questions, both international and domestic, will be taken from the January, December, and November NFHS (link is in the monthly state newsletter) and NSDA questions (available on the NSDA website.) 

-For Debates, Extemp, and Congress, competitors may use the Internet subject to the NSDA Internet rules. We will provide WiFi access, but note that there is no guarantee that competitors can access material when they need it. An offline backup is strongly encouraged. 



Online registration will close at 9 a.m. the day of the tournament; please contact me directly with any subsequent changes.


Please register early, as entries will be limited. Once limits are reached, entrants will be wait-listed. We will likely be able to accommodate all potential entrants, but space is limited.


All individual events will be assessed a $12.00 fee per entry. Partner events will be assessed a $18.00 fee per entry. 

Due to the need to be flexible in the event of a COVID positive student, we will not charge for drops. However, drops reported after 9 AM on Friday, January 14 will still be assessed an entry fee. 



Students may double or triple at their own risk. Students doubling in extemporaneous speaking may not receive complete prep time. Students may double in any debate except for Policy, but risk forfeiture if they are more than 15 minutes late for their debate round (this is especially important with flighted debates.)

Debate Resolutions



Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.



We will be using the January/February topic:

Resolved: The appropriation of outer space by private entities is unjust.


  Public Forum


We will be using the January topic:  

Resolved: The United States federal government should legalize all illicit drugs.

 Big Questions

Resolved: On balance, societies benefit from religious belief and practice.

 Ties in debate will be broken by power of opposition first, followed by speaker points.



Trophies will be awarded to the top two finishers in each event. Third place will receive a medal. Finalists 4th-6th in individual events and Congress will receive a candy bar and a ribbon. Sweepstakes trophies will be awarded to the first and second place teams in Small School (1A/2A) and Large School (3A/4A) categories.


We will have dance cards indicating when each coach or accompanying judge will be scheduled.  Coaches may be asked to judge during the course of the tournament. Accompanying judges are VERY welcome.  

Contact Info

Please contact Brian Hill with any questions – (208) 881-4448 or email bhill@uinta1.com

Dulce Alvarez - dalvarez@uinta1.com

Clarissa Cole - ccole@uinta1.com

We look forward to seeing you in Evanston!


Brian Hill

Dulce Alvarez

Clarissa Cole


EHS Speech and Debate Coaches