Needville UIL Invitational

2022 — Needville, TX/US

REGISTRATION:  Registration will open on Monday, January 3. For nonspeaking events, go to and fill out the Google form. For speaking events, go to to register. Registration will close at 5 pm on Tuesday, February 15. If you have any questions, please contact Delta McFarland at or Adam Kohleffel for speaking events at DO NOT CROSS-ENTER STUDENTS IN EXTEMP and INTERP. 


ENTRY FEES:  All nonspeaking events will be $10 per entry. Entry fee for the Computer Science hands-on is $40.00 per team which includes 3 computer science written. All speaking events will be $12 per entry except for LD Debate and Group Improv which will be $20. Payment may be made at the door on February 19 or mailed to my attention to PO Box 412, Needville, TX 77461. Please make the check payable to NISD Activity Fund.


ENTRIES:  Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis until we reach space limits for nonspeaking events with unlimited entries per event. The only exception is for Computer Science Programming with only 3 teams per school. For speaking events, all events will be limited to 4 entries per school except for Group Improv with 2 teams per school. Please do NOT cross-enter competitors in both Extemp and Prose/Poetry.


DROPS:  Schools can make changes until 5 pm on Tuesday, February 15. Drops after February 15 will result in the loss of the entry fees. In LD Debate, there will be a drop fee of $40 after February 15. LD Debate drops on February 19 will be subject to a chaos fee of $50 per entry. No individual speech entries will be charged extra drop fees. Please email Adam Kohleffel as soon as you know there will be a drop.


AWARDS:  Schools will be divided up into small (1A-4A) and large (5A-6A) schools for nonspeaking events. There will be no divisions for speech events. Medals will be awarded to the top six in each event for each division. Plaques will also be given to the first place team in each team event. For all events, winners will be announced and medals will be awarded immediately after results have been verified. Sweepstakes trophies will be given to the first place schools in both divisions and to the top speech team.



GRADING:  All coaches are encouraged to help with the grading. Schools that compete in Computer Applications, Ready Writing, and Journalism must provide a grader. Please provide the name of the grader in the Google form when registering. Schools not bringing a grader for Ready Writing and Journalism will be charged a fee of $50 for each.


JUDGES: Coaches bringing competitors in speaking events will be expected to bring at least one judge per 10 entries. Uncovered judges will be charged a $50 judge fee. Please add your required judge under the Judges tab when registering your students. If the coach’s name is the only name entered, we will try to keep your judge requirements as minimal as possible in the speaking events. When you check in on February 19, please let registration know who you have to judge. If you do not add a judge by Tuesday, February 15, you will be charged the $50 judging fee.


FOOD:  A snack bar will be available all day for students to purchase items. There will also be a hospitality room for coaches, judges, and bus drivers.


DIRECTIONS:  Needville High School is located off of Highway 36 approximately 12 miles south of Rosenberg. Our physical address is 16400 Fritzella, Needville, TX 77461.