La Reina Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

We will be offering all standard CHSSA and SCJFL events with speech on Saturday and debate on Sunday.  Since there is a local TCFL (Tri-County Forensic League) speech tournament on Saturday, we encourage all TCFL programs to attend the league speech tournament and then come and debate with us on Sunday.  We are offering high school speech events for those programs outside of the TCFL.  On Sunday, we will double flight LD and PF rounds and will attempt to keep parli single flighted.

Schedule is as follows:

Saturday, December 18: Speech

7:30-8:30am      Registration Online

8:30am              Round 1A

10:00am            Round 1B

11:30am            Round 2A

1:00pm              Round 2B

2:30pm              Round 3A

4:00pm              Round 3B

5:45pm              Pattern A Finals

7:15pm              Pattern B Finals

Pattern A Events:

Extemp, Dramatic Interp, Original Oratory, Prose, Duo Interp, Original Prose/Poetry, Oratorical Interp

Pattern B Events: 

Impromptu, Humorous Interp, Informative, Poetry, Program Oral Interp, Storytelling, Declamation


Sunday, December 19: Debate/Congress 

7:30-8:30am      Registration Online

8:30am              Round 1

10:45am            Round 2

1:00pm              Round 3

3:15pm              Round 4 / Elim #1

5:30pm              Round 5 / Elim #2


To report an issue pertaining to racist, sexist, homophobic or other offensive/non-inclusive actions or words have a COACH or ADULT CHAPERONE fill out this form.