The Jungle at Idaho Falls High School

2021 — Idaho Falls, ID/US

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The Jungle at Idaho Falls HS


We are excited to begin the season with a two-day debate only tournament on October 29-30! We will be modeling Friday's Novice schedule off the University of Utah's format. Friday, Novice will be in workshops to help get them more prepared for competition. These workshops will be lead by coaches! Saturday, Novice will compete in a four preliminary-round competition. Varsity will have a full two-day tournament that includes five preliminary rounds and 2-3 elimination rounds.


We will be implementing new fees that are reflected upon the agreement Southeast Idaho coaches made in the Summer of 2021. Therefore, each student entry is $5. Because of this, we may need to implement cost-saving measures, including having less extravagant awards. We hope you will help support our push to make Southeast Idaho debate more inclusive to all students!


Coaches- if you are willing to offer your support during a novice workshop, please email me at .  


Hope to see you all at The Jungle!





Novice CX, LD, PF

Varsity CX, LD, PF


4-6pm Workshop 1

6:30-8:30pm Workshop 2


4-6  Round 1

6:30-8:30  Round 2


8-10 Round 1

10:30-12:30 Round 2

1-3 Round 3

3:30-5:30 Round 4

Watch Varsity Finals


8-10 Round 3

10:30-12:30 Round 4

1-3 Round 5

3:30-5:30 Quarterfinals (Semis for Policy)

6-8:30 Semifinals and Finals 

Awards will be given off Rounds 1-4 Prelim Rankings

8 total rounds for PF, LD

7 total rounds for CX 

Novice Congress

Varsity Congress


4-6pm Workshop 1

6:30-8:30pm Workshop 2


4-8pm Session 1 (includes setting docket)


8-11:30 Round 1

12:15-3:15 Round 2

Watch  Varsity Super Congress 4-5pm


8-1pm Session 2

2pm-5pm Super Congress

Awards will be given based off prelim rankings

One 4-hour session, one 5-hour session. Supers is 3 hours