2021 — Twin Falls, ID/US

Welcome to the 2021-22 Speech and Debate Season! We are excited to host this live tournament at Twin Falls High School. Maps and schedules are available both online and near the front office. Since we are trying to give our tournaments as much longevity as possible, we are going to be requiring masks for all students, judges, and coaches while inside and not competing. Please reach out to Robby Fox if you have any questions or concerns. This tournament is a Speech-only event, which is supposed to help students and judges focus on excellent performances.



Extemp topics round 1:

1. Does the Supreme Court’s decision to let a Texas abortion ban stay in place signal that the Roe vs. Wade precedent is in danger?

2. Should politically conservative counties in Maryland be permitted to leave and join West Virginia?

3. What must the Democratic leadership in Congress do to bring Sen. Sinema in line with her party colleagues?