Newman Smith SPONTANEITY 42

2021 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Spontaneity 42 Virtual

Newman Smith H.S.

September 24-25, 2021



Dear Colleagues and Competitors,


The time has once again arrived to begin thinking about tournament activities. Newman Smith High School cordially invites you to attend Spontaneity 42. Our TFA qualifying Speech and Debate tournament will be held on Friday, September 24 th and Saturday, September 25 th as we GO VIRTUAL! All events will use NSDA Campus as the platform for the tournament.


We offer Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation, International, Domestic, and Novice Extemporaneous Speaking; Congressional Debate; Lincoln Douglas, Policy, WSD and Public Forum Debate; Original Oratory; Poetry; Prose , Duet Acting, Duo Interp, POI and Informative Speaking.  In addition, four prelim rounds of debate will be offered. Novice divisions are provided in Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum and Policy Debate.   

Congressional Debate will occur on Friday, and all Individual Speaking Events will occur on Saturday.

 Also, all events will be administered during the tournament through  Registration will also be through this website.

All IE’s will be synchronous .

Sections A and B run at the same time with Extemp Draw 30 minutes earlier.

We do not accept independent entries. A coach or adult must enter, attend, and supervise the students from their school.

Included with this invitation is a tentative schedule and general participatory rules. Please note that to ensure competitive judging quality, no entries will be accepted after Friday, September 17.

For any other inquiries about the tournament, please e -mail Chris Agee at We look forward to hosting what promises to be an outstanding tournament and to “seeing” all of you the last weekend of September. We hope you can be a part of history in the making at Spontaneity 42!



 Suhani Jampala

Debate Team  President


Robert Martin

I.E. Tab Director


Chris Agee


Debate Tab Director