MDTA Jamboree

2021 — Online, MN/US

Welcome to the 2021 MDTA Jamboree

Tournament Bulletin Board


On behalf of the Minnesota Debate Teachers Association, we cordially invite you and your team to the 2021 MDTA Jamboree. This year the Jamboree will be held on September 25, 2021. While we had initially planned for this tournament to be held in person, the increase in local school districts instituting masking requirements indicated that switching to an online tournament would provide the most schools access to the first tournament of our local season.

As has been the tradition at this tournament, one of our main goals is to provide novices an opportunity to learn about debate by watching a moderated demonstration round and analyzing the debate with a post round question and answer session. We are excited to be able to offer that opportunity again this year. In addition, we will be offering an abbreviated session of Congressional debate and then having time for a tutorial for novice debaters on writing bills and how to be a PO. 

In addition to providing learning opportunities for our communities newest debaters, we will also be offering judge training for all categories of debate. If you have new or inexperienced judges who wish to brush up on their skills, please feel free to invite them to join our judge training opportunities on Saturday morning.

We are working to confirm the return of the Equity Panel.

For your convenience, specific information related to the Jamboree is provided on the separate pages on the right of our main tournament page. Please refer to those pages for more specific information. If you have further questions, please contact Des Niemann at or Rachel Baumann at for tournament assistance. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Jamboree!

Des Niemann, President, MDTA                                    Rachel Baumann, Treasurer, MDTA

Cort Sylvester, Past-President, MDTA                            Becky Chabot, Secretary, MDTA

Christian Vasquez, President-Elect, MDTA


**Please Note: Congress Legislation can be found BOTH on the top right of the Main Page AND linked under the Congress heading on the Tournament Details by Division tab on the right of the main page.