15th Annual Hurricane Debate Tournament at Holy Trinity

2021 — Temple, TX/US


We cordially invite you to the 15th Annual Hurricane Debate Tournament, held live and IN-PERSON on the campus of Holy Trinity Catholic High School.

September 11, 2021

Register by September 6.  Drop deadline, judges due 5 p.m. on September 7.  (Drop fees and judge fees will apply at that time and after.)

New debaters can earn their National Speech and Debate Association membership in one weekend!*

The intent of this little tournament is to provide students with as many rounds as possible to warm up for the season and to earn some early NSDA points. 

*The National Speech and Debate Association Degree of Merit is earned after a student has earned 25 points.  It is very possible for a debater to earn 25 points at the Hurricane.  A student can do LD, PFD, as well as Extemporaneous Debate and Impromptu.  Varsity LD debaters are asked to judge up to four rounds of novice.

This is a unique tournament for many reasons:

*Novice debaters are encouraged to watch the varsity immediately before they debate.

*Varsity debaters will judge novice rounds.

*Students can get experience in three different types of debate in the same tournament.

*We have Impromptu Speaking for Debaters, and we do two rounds of that in ONE HOUR!

*And, we offer Extemporaneous DEBATE, possibly the only tournament you'll go to--other than nationals--with this event!


Events and Fees:

  • Novice LD Debate: $10
  • Varsity LD Debate: $10
  • Public Forum Debate: $10
  • Impromptu Speaking: $5
  • Extemporaneous Debate: $5



This tournament is a low-budget affair!  We will not be hiring judges.  We ask that you provide as many judges as possible.  At a minimum, please provide at least one judge for every two PFD teams, and one judge for every four LDers.  Please know that we will be using parents and other limited experience judges as necessary.  One-year out students (students who graduated last year) are welcome.

ALSO, all VARSITY LD Debaters will be asked to judge the novice round that follows their own round!  This will provide Varsity LDer's the opportunity to earn service NFL points as well as to provide feedback for the novice debaters.


Novice and Varsity LD will use the Fall UIL Topic: 

Resolved: When in conflict, environmental protection ought to take precedence over natural resource extraction.


Public Forum Debate will use the NSDA Topic for Sept./Oct.:

Resolved: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization should substantially increase its defense commitments to the Baltic states.



Round 1: TO be announced at the tournament 30 minutes before the first round.

Round 2: The United States has taken the right steps to prevent another Sept. 11-style attack.

Round 3: Movie theaters will be obsolete in less than ten years.


Contact: Chris Mosmeyer, cmosmeyer@holytrinitychs.org