The Holiday Havoc Invitational

2021 — Nampa, ID/US

Welcome to the 2021 Holiday Havoc Invitational

Hosted by Columbia High School, Idaho  

We are excited to host you for this one day "speech"apalooza event!  We will offer all 14 IHSAA events in both a Novice and Varsity division (and will only collapse divisions if few entries warrant it).  We will still recognize top novices if divisions collapse.

We will follow the COVID Safety Protocols outlined on this website.  Please click on the link on the right side of the page and review the rules.  Thank you for your support and compliance!    

This will be a NIETOC designated tournament for those entries on the Varsity division (DI, Duo, Extemp, HI, Inform, Oratory, and POI).

Schools that participate in The Holiday Havoc and the Running With the Bulls Debate Tournament, January 14-15, 2022, will be eligible for special sweepstakes awards!  

Descriptions for each event are in the entry website.  Panel topics will be determined after the ISATA fall conference.  We will use the NFHS extemp topics from September, October, and November.

Panel topics are listed on the event tabs.

Entry fees will be determined AFTER the tournament.  I do not believe that tournaments should be a fundraiser so I will try and keep entry fees low (plan on $6 a slot, approximately) and 1 judge covers 5 slots per pattern.  In Idaho, the 14 events are divided into 2 patterns, A and B. 

A events:  Duo, Extemp, Inform, Panel, POI, Radio, and Retold

B event:  ADS, CA, DI, HI, Impromptu, Oratory, Sales

Questions?  Please contact tournament host Jeffrey Stoppenhagen at or Kyra Mauney, tournament manager, at

We hope to see you in December at 'The Havoc"!