WFCA Online State Congress

2021 — NSDA Campus, WI/US


Important Dates:

Legislation Due March 26 @ 4:00 pm (see requirements below)

Legislation Posted by noon on March 28. If it is available sooner, an announcement email will be sent.

Registration (students and judges) due and fees/judge burdens fixed April 7 @ 7 pm

Chamber Groupings and PO requests April 8 @ 3 pm (late groupings will result in random assignment)



8:30-9:00 Gather online for announcements, coaches verify student participants present.

9:00-11:30 Session I in breakout rooms

12:30-3:00 Session II in breakout rooms

Postings ASAP

4:30-7:00 (approx) Finals



Changes from our standard operations for Student Congress in the WFCA Handbook:

Legislation: Please submit in pdf format. Two items per school. One should be designated as the priority bill, the other will be placed in a reserve docket or will be up for potential selection for use in finals. Coaches are responsible for ensuring legislation complies with formatting requirements or it may be rejected without ability to resubmit. Legislation must be one page, minimum 11pt type, double-spaced, and with line numbers. All legislation should be submitted via tabroom or can be emailed to Tim Scheffler

Section size: Because online meeting rooms become more stressed with higher numbers of participants section sizes will be reduced from the 13-25 participants designated by the rules. While the final numbers will be determined based on available judges, there will be an attempt at keeping sections under 14.

Entries: Schools may enter up to 16 entries. Student email addresses must be provided to send invitations to the online competition rooms. Zoom is the intended application for the event.

Judges: To accommodate for creating smaller sections schools must provide 1 judge for up to 8 entries, 2 for 9-16 entries. Individuals comfortable with being parliamentarians should be identified in advance.

Fees: $10 per entry, amounts will be added to the final invoices sent by the WFCA Treasurer.