OSAAOnPoint Community Credit Union Speech State Championships

2021 — NSDA Campus, OR/US

Friday Night Breaks

Asynchronous Judges due April 17

Live Judges due April 20

See right sidebar for reminders from April 5, resources, and the schedule

Information about Asynchronous events 

How to mark judge availability

Our equity officers can be contacted at capizzos@yahoo.com
Any student, coach, or judge experiencing an issue surrounding equity is welcome to contact the officers for help with resolution. This includes students who are unable to contact their coach, but who need tournament assistance. 

Technology Issue guidance

Link to OSAA YouTube for Livestream: http://ow.ly/aQ2H50EwxJc

Schedule Update for Saturday April 24, 2021  The final round of debate scheduled for 6:30 is not needed. 
Awards will begin at 6:30 on the OSAA YouTube 


Commemorate your participation in the 2021 OSAA Speech and Debate Championships by purchasing merchandise from Rush Team Apparel at https://osaa.rushteamapparel.com/osaa/osaa-state/spring-championship-events/speechdebate21/.  A complete merchandise buying guide is posted to https://osaa.org/docs/spe/speechmerch.pdf.   Congratulations to all participants!  


Watch Public Forum Final on the OSAA YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGMWsyU5ivZIFLSt0H6Lsdw


Saturday Awards Slideshow