University of Wyoming Round Robin

2021 — Online, WY/US

The University of Wyoming has invited the 5 area policy teams that performed the best at tournaments in the first semester to a Round Robin tournament January 21st-22nd. Our goal is to provide an extremely competitive tournament that benefits not only the teams competing but also any Wyoming debater that wants to observe rounds.


The following 5 teams accepted invitations to the first annual University of Wyoming Policy Debate Round Robin:


Cheyenne East GL

Hot Springs Co RW

Riverton GP

Rock Springs PY



During the tournaments friends, family, and observers can follow results here:




All teams agreed to provide open-source disclosure of 1ACs they have read as well as common negative arguments they have already read. On the day of the tournament, we expect the aff to disclose what the aff will be 1 hour before the start of the first round of the day (and immediately after the end of the previous round for the second and third rounds of the day). Pairings were released in advance to encourage significant preparation, in-depth research, and argument innovation. Of course, disclosure is only required for arguments that a school has already read. We fully expect and encourage teams to break new arguments to catch their opponents off guard.


The full disclosure packet is available here:


You can also check out their wikis: East, Hot Springs, Riverton, Rock Springs, and WYVA.



Judges at the UW Round Robin will include, among others, some of the most successful high school debate coaches in the country, the Director of Debate for Harvard University, the founder of Girls Debate, and two extremely successful collegiate Directors of Debate who are alumni of both the Wyoming high school debate community and the University of Wyoming debate team. All of our judges are both supremely qualified and eager to help Wyoming debaters grow more competitive and successful.


A full list of the UWRR 2021 judges can be found here:


Opening Ceremony / Trophy Dedication

We will hold an opening ceremony Wednesday 1/20 at 7pm (MT). We will be dedicating a traveling trophy that will be awarded to the tournament champion, as well as the award for top speaker. Both trophies will honor legendary Wyoming high school debate coaches.



Our goal is that the Round Robin will serve as an educational experience not only for the debaters invited, but any that might choose to observe rounds. Our hope is that disclosure and focused preparation will produce some of the best debates of the year, debates that serve as a model for all Wyoming students. All Wyoming students are invited to watch rounds.