McMinnville Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, OR/US

McMinnville HS Forensic Tournament 

Jan 30th 2021 

Hosted by McMinnville HS Speech and Debate Program 

McMinnville HS SD, 615 E.15th St., McMinnville, OR, 97128


New this year:


Suits and extra fancy “speech attire” discouraged.  

(Please follow basic school dress code)


All registration will be online at

Registration is open to all 9th-12th grade representing the schools they attend. 

IE competitors will get 5 prelim rounds, Debate, Extemp and Impromptu will get three plus semifinals for debate and finals for Extemp and Impromptu.

Registration will open on 

Deadline for adds is Jan 25th at 5 pm.  

Recorded IE deadline is Jan 25th at 5 pm. 

Deadline for drops (without fees) is Jan 25th at 5pm. 


IE’s include: Humorous, Dramatic, Duo (must be filmed split screen,per NSDA Nats 2020 standards)  Poetry, Prose, Inform, Oratory, ADS, POI, LIELL, and Radio. All IE’s will be asynchronous, except Extemp and Impromptu.

All events are OPEN Division

Debate includes: Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, Policy, and Parli.

Semifinals will offered in all alt qual debate events 



❏ We will use the Jan resolutions for all debate. 

❏ Teams must have an adult available throughout the tournament. A reachable phone number must be provided during registration. 

❏ DUO and Partnered Debates: Students must follow the guidance of their schools and legal guardians when competing in these events. Judges will be instructed to honor the decisions of the schools/legal guardians and not judge based on proximity. 

❏ We will have hangout rooms online for each team. 


All judges must be registered through Tabroom. Judges may sign up for both live and recorded events. 

Recorded events (all IE’s except Extemp and Impromptu)- Judges should register as an asynchronous judge. These judges will be assigned preliminary rounds on Jan 26th by 8 am. Preliminary round ballots will be due on Jan 28 by 5 pm. Final rounds will be assigned on Jan 28th by 8 pm. Final round ballots will be due on Jan 29 at 11:59 pm. 

Live events (all Debate plus Extemp and Impromptu) -Judges should register as synchronous judges for days available. 

Judging fees- This year, schools will be responsible for providing an adequate number of judges. Teams not meeting the minimum requirement will be charged. 

Schools should make sure their judges have had preliminary judges training or explanation of judging requirements. Click here for some NSDA resources for judges. 

Judging Obligations 

Debate/Extemp/Impromptu/Congress (Synchronous) - 1 judge per every 2 entries 

IE’s (Asynchronous) - 1 judge per every 6 entries 


❏ School Participation Fee - $25 

❏ IE’s/Congress - $7 per event 

❏ Debate - $10 per event 

❏ Judge Fee- $40 per entry not covered. Please provide reliable judges. We do not want to charge anyone extra $$ for not having judges. 

Double Entry 

Students may enter as many asynchronous events as they choose, provided the school can cover the entries with adequate judge numbers. Students may NOT double enter in Debate, but may enter Extemp and Impromptu if it does not conflict with their style of debate.



Asynchronous IE’s 

Submissions & links due Jan 25th by 5pm. 


Bills due by January 25 at 5pm

Synchronous Debate Schedule (LD, PF, Parli) 

Pattern A - Policy, Extemp, and Impromptu

Pattern B - LD, Public Forum, Parliamentary Debate


7:00  Judges Check-in

7:30 Judge Instruction

8:00 Pattern A Rd 1

9:30 Pattern B Rd 1

11:00 Pattern A Rd 2

12:30 Pattern B Rd 2

2:00 Pattern A Rd 3

3:30 Pattern B Rd 3

5:00 Pattern A Semifinals/Finals

6:30 Pattern B Semifinals/Finals

Live stream awards at 8 pm


8:00-10:30  Congress Session 1

12:30-3:00 Congress Session 2


Courtney Walsh