South Dakota Novice Debate Tournament 5 PF LD and Congress

2020 — Online, SD/US

Welcome to the the 5th South Dakota Novice After School Tournament for Novice LD, NPF, and Novice Congress. This tournament is designed for those first year debaters who took the debate class. This tournament will have a mix of abilities from the kid who never finished his case nor read any of the frontlines to the kid who has been coming to practice every night for two months. 

We will be using ZOOM and Tabroom. You will go to tab room to see what room your are debating in. You then click the zoom link that will be emailed out to you. You will then rename yourself to the room your need to be put into. Ex: 3 Kerry Konda ABC.  


Zoom link for LD and PF

Meeting ID: 981 3643 1751


There will be no awards or award ceremony. All results will be posted ASAP after the tournament. 


Rd 1 4:00

Rd 2 5:15

Rd 3 6:15 

Congress will have its own separate schedule and zoom link