Moore OKs Lions Classic

2020 — ONLINE, OK/US

This is to invite you to the Lion’s Classic at Moore HS on Oct 30-31.

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The Lion’s Classic will offer:

·         6A Qualifying

·         5A Qualifying

·         Novice Division

I’d first like to thank our sponsor for helping put together our online tournament -

Online: This year’s Lion’s Classic will be held online. Here are the following changes you need to aware of:

Every competitor will need to have a tabroom account will need to be linked to your school tabroom account (I have instructions if you need them)

Every judge you submit will need to have a tabroom account and will need to be linked to your school account (I have instructions if you need them)

All debate events will be held synchronous (live) with prelims held on Friday and out rounds held on Saturday.


Extemp will be held synchronous on Saturday. 

·         Students will report to extemp draw where all first speakers will receive the same 5 questions.  Then all 2nd speakers will get 5 different questions.  Then all 3rd speakers will get 5 new questions… and so on.

·         After 30 minutes, all speakers will then go to their assigned breakout rooms to give their speech.


All IE’s will be held asynchronous (recorded) the upload deadline will be Thursday by 11:59pm.

           Please tell your judges they will have all day Friday to view the round and submit their ballots by 10:00pm Friday night.  Breaks will be announced the following morning. 


Awards: We will try to send out a PDF of winners that can be printed on your own computer.  We will keep track of sweeps and send out placings in the results the packet.


Schedule: I will beg Billy to help me put together a schedule.


Entries:  Entries are due on or before 5:00 PM Monday, October,26.  Please go to www.tabroom.comto register for the Moore tournament.


Judges:  Judge Requirements adhere to OSSAA rules.  Judges must be confirmed by 5:00 PM on Wednesday.  

§  All debate judges should be entered in the appropriate judge group (CX or LD/PF) even if they are also available to judge speech. 

§  All non-debate judges should be entered in the speech judge group. 

§  When entering judges, you may specify “No Friday” or “No Saturday” to indicate that a judge will not be available that day. 

§  If a judge is unavailable for specific times, please email the director


Debate Topics: For all qualifying divisions and novice we will use the September/October topics. Novice CX will use the novice packet


Drop/Add: Please email or phone in ASAP. Charges will follow OSSAA guidelines.


Fees: 6A, 5A, Novice fees will follow OSSAA requirements.  


Times: All debate preliminary rounds will be on Friday starting at 4:30 pm and we will only be doing 3 rounds on Friday. The elimination rounds will be on the following Saturday. All IE preliminary rounds will be on Saturday starting at 8:00 am with finals also on Saturday.


Food: Check your fridge… it’s still empty.


Parking: Park yourself in front of the computer.



If I have left anything out, feel free to email me AND/OR or call my cell at 405-816-7087 .