Blacksnake NIETOC

2021 — Pocatello, ID/US

Blacksnake 2021 (NSDA VIRTUAL CAMPUS)

Thanks for joining up online this year! We will be holding this as normal as possible, including shipping awards after the tournament! Please make sure to read the tournament invitation on the right fully; there is some crucial info in there including how we will create our congress docket and when fees are due.


A few of the key bits of info on that page:

---All events are synchronous

--- Please make sure to pay your fees on time. The fees are updated on the website now. Drop fees will be in effect and will be billed.

--- We will be sending trophies for this tournament!

--- We will be using NSDA Campus

--- All events will be live

--- All students and judges must have accounts

--- The deadline for registration is one week before the tournament start date.


Friday January 8, 2020

***All times are MST***

3:30   Opening Assembly; Judges Meeting

3:30   Tech Check (competitors and judges MUST check in)

3:30   Round 1 Draw

4:00   Round 1 Speech

5:30   Round 2 Draw

6:00   Round 2 Speech

7:30   Round 3 Draw

8:00   Round 3 Speech


Saturday January 9, 2020

***All times are MST***

7:30   Tech Check (competitors and judges MUST check in)

8:00   Round 1 Debate

8:00   Congress Opening Assembly

10:00 Round 2 Debate

12:00 Final Round Speech

2:00   Round 3 Debate

3:45   Round 4 Debate

6:00   Round 5 Hidden Silver/Gold

8:00   Awards



8:00   Tech Check (competitors and judges MUST check in) and Opening Assembly

8:30 -11:30 Session #1

1:30-4:30 Session #2

5:00-7:30 Super Congress



Speech Events

Event rules are listed under the events in the event tab. We are currently considering having Retold as a prepared event (like storytelling at Nationals) based on feedback from previous Idaho tournaments. We would love to hear your opinion on this and will have a final decision in the next two weeks. 

Debate Events

PF/LD We will be using the Jan/Feb LD topic and the Jan. PF Topic

Novice Policy will be restricted to running the cases and neg strats listed on the Novice Policy page.

Congress Legislation is due December 20th. We will supplement with NSDA December Legislation to be debated after students submitted legislation. Docket order will be set in session. Schools may submit 1 bill per competitor.  Student Legislation

Supers Legislation will consist of NSDA December Legislation #6-10. The order will be set in round.

6. A Resolution to Encourage Integration of Individuals Formerly Convicted of Crimes into the Workforce

7. Ending Qualified Immunity Act

8. The Hush Money Act

9. Global Climate Change Resilience Strategy Act

10. A Bill to Remove Tax-Exempt Status for Religious Institutions


We will be following the Idaho State Debate code. If you would like to review the full evidence rules, please visit Idaho/NSDA Debate Code