BTW Kincaid Quarantine Free For All of Doom

2020 — NSDA Campus, OK/US

Hello Friends (not Ricinda, tho),

On December 11-12, 2020 BTW will be hosting a tournament of epic proportions—THE KINCAID QUARANTINE FREE FOR ALL OF DOOM. And by epic, I mean, if you people make this anymore epic than it needs to be I will find you after quarantine is over and we will have some words. And by words, I mean giddy greetings and maybe some consented human contact. I might hug each and every one of yous.

This is the way I think we are going to offer it…..5A, 6A, Champs, and Novice debate (LD, CX, PF) if it makes. No novice speech. We will be using NSDA campus for all the rounds. Please have your videos up- loaded by 10pm Wednesday.


*all of your JUDGES and your COMPETITORS need a tabroom account in order for this to all work smoothly. (I screwed this up last week at BA and the first round was a little rough.)

*we still need judges to pull of cx and the rest of it, so please find some

*Champs is being offered, so no qualified kids should be entered in 5a or 6a (except LD and extemp can be entered as we always have)

*I am not running this alone, but one thing I’ve noticed in the few tournaments we’ve been to…if your student or your judge is having issues have them text or call you first…most issues can be solved on your end. If the judge or students calls the TAB staff, they’ll probably send them to you anyway—usually it’s an internet or tabroom account issue that the TAB staff can’t fix.

If you have any questions please refer ALL of them to Robert Walters

Miss you all. Hope you are safe and healthy.

“See you” in a couple of weeks.


Kelly R. McCracken

Director-BTW Speech and Debate Activities

Fine Arts Department Chair

OSSAA Speech Committee Member

NSDA East OK District Committee Member

Booker T. Washington HS

1514 E. Zion, Tulsa, OK, 74106