Little Lex in Conjunction With the NYCFL

2020 — NSDA Campus, MA/US

Little Lex Awards Assembly


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Welcome to Little Lex 2020 -- The Virtual Edition -- In Collaboration with the NYCFL!

All things considered, we don't expect that much to change for the Online Version of Little Lex, except that we are not gathering at Lexington High School and that we are running collaboratively with the the NYCFL. We will be gathering virtually on Nov. 21 using NSDA Campus, and we welcome the coaches and students who would, in other years have visited Bronx Science, as well as those who would normally come to Lexington. Our fees are lower than the fees we charged at Little Lex last year (despite mailing and NSDA Campus room costs), but they are a bit higher than Bronx Science charged last year (because of those new expenses). UDL programs are welcome to contact me for discounts.

We plan to offer three division of PF -- Varsity, JV and Novice -- all running the Nov-Dec Topic and three divisions of LD -- Varsity, JV and Novice -- with Varsity and JV using the November-December topic and the Novices enjoying their last weekend with the Civil Disobedience topic. While we are fairly sure there will be enough entries in all divisions of PF to justify having three divisions, we reserve the right to combine JV and Varsity LD if numbers warrant it.

We also plan to offer Varsity and JV Policy (the proper place for folks with previous middle school experience) and to divide Novice Policy into Packet and Non-Packet divisions, with the Packet division using the files in the Compromise Set organized through an EXTENSIVE conversation among Northeastern Policy coaches. At the moment we do not have any Varsity Policy entries or any entries in the Novice Open division, although that could still change.

Rather than posting a long and complicated invitation this year, I am going to try posting information on this page, and use the buttons to the right of the page for the schedule and other pertinent information.

We plan to run five single flighted rounds in all divisions of PF and LD and four rounds in all divisions of policy, so as to maximize the number of state qualifiers in PF and LD for MA (policy folks don't need state quals) and half quals for our NY friends. We will send lovely Lexington medals for coaches to distribute to all of their students who post winning records at the end of the day.

We will attempt to have a limited number of hired judges available, but we would prefer your judges to your money, so please try to bring your own judges. Juniors or Seniors in HS with a minimum of 200 NSDA points will be permitted to judge in the Novice Divisions and Seniors (ONLY) with a minimum of 200 NSDA points will be allowed to judge in JV divisions. Should numbers force us to combine JV and Varsity on LD or Policy, however, all judges will need to be high school graduates.

We expect most, if not all, of our participants to be from New England, New York and New Jersey, since this a local tournament for our region. We also expect all of our guests to treat one another with the dignity and respect that all participants have the right to expect in our digital community. We look forward to seeing you on the 21st of November.

Thanks! Kaz and the Bronx Science and Lexington Debate Families