Pocatello Novice Rendezvous

2020 — Pocatello, ID/US

Welcome to the Novice Rendezvous at Poky! 

This is an IN PERSON tournament! We will be running the following schedule:

Novice Tournament

It is so close, but so far away! I just wanted to get some information out there. For the novice tournament, we are still planning on in-person. This will mean some additional precautions. We aren't usually short on varsity who want to judge, but please note that we will need more judges than typical as we are sectioning speech smaller. 

 We will be offering each team their own "commons" and would ask that you bring an adult that can supervise in your room during the tournament. 

 Friday October 23 Speech

As we talked about and did a survey for the event, it was split on doing prepared only or limited prep. Our solution is to do a little bit of both. There will be 5 students per section.

 4:00 Registration

4:15 Round 1 Prepared Speech

5:30 Round 2 Limited Prep

6:45 Round 3 Prepared Speech

8:00 Round 4 Limited Prep

9:30 Awards over intercom


While we will offer Inform, OO, Sales, CA and After Dinner in platform and DI, HI, Duo, and POI as Interp, we plan to section them based on numbers and may just end up doing "Platform" and "Interp" with kids mixed together if we have small numbers in events.

 Students will be able to choose to participate in Radio Speaking or Retold Story for Round 2 and Impromptu or modified Extemp for Round 4. 

 Saturday October 24 Speech

We will use the November/December Topics for PF and LD and the October Congress Pack for Congress.

 8:30 Registration

9:00 Round 1

10:30 Round 2

12:00 LUNCH (Order Pizzas for our kids? They'll eat in their team room)

12:30 Round 3

2:00 Round 4

4:00 Awards over intercom


If we end up having to go online (hope not), we will just use NSDA's campus. It is $6 per room per day, so we might have to charge an entry fee.

 As per IDHSAA rules, students will be required to wear masks unless they are presenting. We request that students wear shields while presenting and will provide them for students upon request (we found them for $0.85 a shield).